Thursday, August 16, 2012

Heron AB Spread and Some Stamp Ideas

Zoë is here and is so much fun, but so busy. I haven't spent any time at all in the art room until this morning while she is napping. I found some images online that I thought would make good stamps and have arranged them in Photoshop and printed them out. Sometime later today I will try carving a couple of them. I am especially interested in making a quarter of a repeating image and some long border patterns. I'll share them when I get them made.

Meanwhile, I just added a bit of light blue sky and some dark blue water, along with some green leafy shapes to the heron spread in my altered book/art journal and I rather like it.

I think that while Miss Z is sleeping I need to go get out my yoga mat and some hand weights and get this body moving. Maybe I should have breakfast first, though. Miss Z will be here until about 3 PM, at which time I hope to do some carving. With any luck I will have some new stamps to share with you tomorrow.

When I mentioned the cling foam to attach to the back of my homemade stamps, I got several comments both on the blog and as a separate email. Most people recommended finding a product online and checking for the best price including shipping and handling. I did have a strong recommendation to stay away from those kind of products as they would ruin the stamp making it all gooey. Can I hear from more of you who have used this kind of product on your stamps? I'd really like to hear more before making a decision.

What are you doing today? Does it include some time in your creative zone? Will you share with us?



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