Thursday, August 30, 2012

Baby Face Sketch and Art Journal Page

I tried to capture that baby face that I showed you yesterday and almost got it. It is so difficult to render that childish roundness and I find it impossible to actually get a likeness. This is what I have so far.

Miss Z arrived yesterday afternoon and my evening was quite busy. The hubster (Papa) was playing tennis so I had her to myself. She appeared to be tired at her usual bed time of 7:30 pm, but wouldn't settle so I got her up. She lasted until almost 9 pm. It was kind of nice since she got to see Papa when he got home. She was up when I got up this morning, so I changed her and fed her and then we watched Yo Gabba Gabba for a bit then played with the baby apps I have on my iPad. Right now she is outside walking the yard with Papa, which gives me this little window of time to post.

Yesterday afternoon before Miss Z arrived I began another two page spread in my art journal. I began with gesso and some red and blue acrylic paint. When that had dried, I cut our house shapes from a circular from a local clothing store. And then decided that a row of houses wouldn't be complete without the kind of house the old woman lived in (shoe - boot?). It isn't done yet, but I haven't decided what else I am going to do. I think some white gel pen journaling might be a nice touch.

I only have the baby for one overnight this time, so she will be collected some time mid afternoon and then I will try to get more time in the art room. I do have to go to Mason some time today to deposit a check into my account and the hubster wants to take some shabby chic mirrors to his booth at the Maple Street Mall. Maybe we will catch a bite out for dinner instead of cooking. I think I will thaw out some chorizo and make some soup tomorrow. We are having the kids and grandgirls over for a cookout this weekend and I think the soup may be a hit as a side with the burgers and brats we are planning to feature.

I am expecting my Nasco Safety Kut to arrive today and will be spending some time making more rubber stamps. I'd like to make a ballerina silhouette and some ballet slippers for starters. I'd like to find more free images to use for stamps. Do you know where to find some?

Do you have plans for the Labor Day weekend? Are you spending time with family and friends? Do you have a tradition for this celebration? Are you going to find time to be creative (I mean besides cooking and visiting)? I hope you do and that you are willing to share....



  1. I think that sketch is a good likeness! :)
    The old woman who lived in a boot--I just laughed out loud! ;)
    Enjoy your weekend with family.

  2. Nice job. It's so hard to get facial likeness, especially if you know the person. Babies faces are especially hard since they have different proportions than adults. Keep up the good work and continue with the daily practice if you can.

  3. Love the sketch ~ coming along nicely as are your journal pages ~ Have a wonderful Holiday weekend ~ Having people in to view the Boat Parade of Lights and Fireworks ~ should be great fun ~ Enjoy (A Creative Harbor)

  4. I've tried taking a photograph and turning it upside down to draw it. The preconceived notions of shapes disappear and make it easier to make your subject more realistic. Though your not happy with her likeness the drawing is still very cute.