Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Where Does the Time Go

As I was mentally preparing this post, I was thinking, "I didn't get much done again yesterday", but then realized that I got a lot done yesterday, I just don't have a lot to show for it.

I began my day by posting and then reading the blogs to which I subscribe in Reader. After a quick breakfast - one of my favorites - wheat toast with peanut butter - I took a shower and then headed out to the dealership to have my oil changed. From there, I stopped at a store to get some eye drops (my eyes have been itchy and dripping for about a week) and then grabbed a large black coffee for my daughter at the McDonald's drive thru. I spent several hours at her house visiting and helping pick up. When I got home I was starved so had a quick lunch and then picked up a bit in the art room. It still needs at least a couple of hours dedicated to it, but I've gotten started. I went to a Pilates class last evening - whew! I am a bit sore and tight in the shoulders this morning. By the time I got home from my class it was dark and the Tigers were on. I sat with a cold pack on the back of my neck and upper shoulders and then worked crossword puzzles while watching to the bitter end. They lost in the 9th inning.

Here is a quick sketch of a couple of Pilates poses.

And in answer to the queries I've received about Yo Gabba Gabba, it is a show on Nick Jr. featuring a funky looking DJ who brings out a boom box suitcase full of creatures that come to life. Here they are:

And here she is enjoying it again.

And here is her "What do you mean I can't watch this show all day long?" face

I just couldn't end the post with that face, so thought I'd share one that I'd like to use as a model to sketch a baby face.

Much nicer.

I am planning to go to my conditioning class this morning, but will use either a red or yellow cord rather than the blue and purple. I don't so much want a hard workout as I want a good stretch and some movement. Miss Z is due to arrive this afternoon and I don't know yet whether she is staying for one overnight or two. I'd like to go to the life drawing class tomorrow, but won't be able to decide until I know how long I have ZoĆ«. 

I do hope to get some play time in my art room between the end of my workout and Miss Z's arrival. I will share with you tomorrow. Meanwhile, I gotta ask,  What are you doing today? Does it include some kind of creativity? Are you painting, drawing, cooking, gardening? Do share...



  1. She is adorable ~ Wonderful pilate sketch ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  2. Oh my! Your daughter is so cute! That face is priceless.

    I agree, sometimes we think we've done nothing but really it's just we don't have proof of all we did throughout the day. Especially with children.

    I've been making artful alphabets last week and some abstract paintings this week. I hope you get to your art making soon.

    Enjoy your day!

    P.S. I'm here from Creative Everyday

  3. My daughter's love that show too. I'll never forget the episode when they were singing, "don't bite your friends"

  4. Let's say she has an expressive face--LOL! From angry to sweet. :)

    I've had three hours of sleep and am not feeling very well, so no plans today other than maybe a nap. ;)

  5. The sketch is great. Simple but tells the story. Your little one is quite the character. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Miss Z is adorable and she's clearly a girl who knows what she wants! I like the Pilates sketch a lot! Nice work. See you tomorrow. nancy

  7. I love the cross faced photo! Back to the gym next week for me too.