Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Missed Opportunities and Stamp Making

Yesterday didn't turn out at all like I was expecting it to. I waited too long to get ready to drive into town to volunteer at the used book store so didn't have a back up plan when I got there only to find the Book Cellar was closed due to construction. It appears that volunteers are not important enough to get a call so they don't drive 25 miles round trip for nothing. If I hadn't been rushed, I would have packed my camera and/or my iPad. In that case I could have spent some time doing a bit of arty stuff - taking reference photos for future sketches or getting caught up on internet stuff. Instead I stopped by the daughter's for a brief visit and then came home and completely dunned out the laundry room.

The laundry room at my house tends to be the "holding" place for all things without a good home. There was so much stuff in there, I just couldn't stand it any more. Actually I did clean it out once before (not quite as thoroughly as this time), but somehow the stuff to be given away or thrown away found its way back in there. This time it is going to stay this streamlined. It actually looks like a nice room now. I need to go through the stuff that is piled on the seat in the entrance and decide what is to be thrown and what needs to be packed up to go to Goodwill and then do it.

The St. Vincent de Paul fellas came out yesterday to pick up the couch and chair I had replaced in the living room. They also took my old vacuum cleaner with attachments and two old recliners that I'd forgotten we had in the basement. I so love clearing out.

I didn't spend much time in the art room yesterday, but did manage to make a stamp. I still feel rather inept at this, but I am enjoying the experience. It is rather Zen and surely with practice I will get better at it. Here are my practice stamps in my journal. These pages need some color and layers, but I do like my heron.

I'd like to find a good source of some kind of cling mount so I could use my acrylic block for stamping. It seems to make a better image. I've tried Hobby Lobby and Michael's with no luck. Do you have a good source for this kind of product?

I am planning to go to my conditioning class this morning. I must say, I am a bit sore from Monday's session and am looking forward to today's. Miss Z is arriving this afternoon for an overnight, so if I am to do some art, I'd better do it between conditioning class and her visit.

What are you planning for today? Does it include time for your art? If so, do share.....



  1. That stamp looks so very cool...and looks like you are talented that way, too...that drive seems to have been a set back that pushed you forward...cheers for getting into the clean up mode...feels so darn good when it's done..and hard to do...I have a Imaginary Trip to San Francisco starting tomorrow so am looking to sort of straighten out the room for it..put things away in places I will remember later :-)
    I'd Google the mounts as so many stamp companys will sell them...they have them here in town at Inspiration Station that caters to scrapbookers and creative pursuits...

  2. I live stamps and stamp making and you did it so good!!

  3. Great heron stamp (pun intended) Love the stamp. You have inspired me to sign up for Julie's class too. There is a flickr group called Stamp Carving 101 that is for this class. You might ask over there about the cling mounts.

  4. I'd google: EZ Mount Static Cling Mounting Foam and find the best price + SH. That's what I use to mount stamps for use with acrylic blocks. Nice crane!

    Sorry they didn't bother to tell the volunteers. Duh! Nice way to loose the volunteers you have.

    You really have been clearing things out. It always feels so good to purge! Have a wonderful Wednesday! :)

  5. I like your stamp, especially the position of the bird's legs!

  6. Love the stamp!
    Tina Hamilton. ( nowAmsler)