Friday, August 3, 2012

Today's Art Journal Spread and WC

I was planning to go to the conditioning class this morning, but Miss D is coming out with the girls this morning and we are taking Miss P to Okemos to the dance apparel store, Bottoms Up. She begins her competitive dance experience on Saturday and is in need some new duds. I didn't go to the conditioning class on Wednesday either. I think I may not want to find out just how badly the accident was. I don't know if I mentioned that the personal trainer who runs this class had gone on a bicycle riding expedition with a couple of buddies. They were biking from Edmonton, Alberta, to Key West, Florida. While I was in Marquette with my sister, the bikers were in Alabama and were hit by a semi. One was killed, one is (was) in intensive care, and our own biker was hurt to some degree. I only got the initial report from my friend, Nancy, and haven't heard anything else. I haven't been able to find out much from newspaper reports and haven't heard anything else. I think Nancy has family in from out of town all this week and I don't want to call while she is so busy and engaged, but I will contact her by email today to see what the news is - the first reports are seldom quite right.

I just realized what the date is. If my Dad was still alive, he and Mom would be celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary today. I'll have to call Mom later as I know she will be caught up in memories.

I will have Miss P and Miss M this afternoon until 9:30 or 10:00 (or maybe overnight) while their Mom is at work. We are sure to find some time to do some art and then at 5:00 PM, the local branch of our library is having a program called Water Rockets, which I am sure they will enjoy.

Yesterday I spent a bit of time in my art journal using gesso, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, stamps, scrapbooking paper, wallpaper, and an image transfer to build a new spread.

I also added to the horizon line (it is a bit wonky - I know it should be straight) of my little watercolor and put a bit of blue into the water of the foreground. I'm thinking I should try adding a small boat of some kind on the right to balance the trees on the left. Or maybe some birds? What do you think? Am I on the right track?

I have done a bit of clean up in my art space, but it is still quite messy. I did, however, do a major clean up job in the kitchen and it looks super. I will keep trying to make my art space neater so I can find things more easily and I am finding images to try to make into stamps. I purchased the Speedball stamp cutting tools and some small and medium stamp blanks. I also picked up a couple of small erasers to see if I can make them work. They are considerably less expensive than the Speedball product.

What do you have planned for the day? Are you making time for yourself and your muse to play a bit? I look forward to seeing what you are doing? Please share.....



  1. I like the start of your watercolor; it feels like lakeside on a still, warm summer night. While it's pleasant as is, I agree that the addition of a little something else might improve it. The boat idea is good or maybe the branches of a close tree along the right edge or lower corner as if you're standing on the opposite shore looking through branches at the far land. Can't wait to see how it develops....

  2. You've done a fine job on the painting .... it's lovely. I think the addition of a boat and/or birds would be just right! hugs, nancy