Thursday, August 2, 2012

Progress and Miss Z

Later in the day yesterday, I added more layers to the art journal spread. I love bicycles and recently bought a new stamp that I decided would fit nicely on this spread.

I also added a couple more glazing layers to the watercolor work in progress. And then added a wet in wet horizon to it. As can happen when you are not really planning what will happen, I put the horizon smack dab in the middle of the paper. No problem - I just cropped it. The next step will be to add some thicker wet into dry trees and then decide how my foreground will evolve. Apparently it is water as I can see reflections of the tree line below the horizon.

I have company today and she is keeping me busy. Last evening she went into "the little girls' room" and came out with some pretty princess dress up clothes on.

And this morning after her bath, she was raiding the diaper bag and pretty much getting into trouble, but she is such a sweet little girl, she doesn't fuss much when I take things away. Not much later she was headed for the room where she sleeps. Of course, she wants up on the big girl bed. Right now she is in the Pack N Play taking her morning nap.

What are you up to today? Does it include some time for yourself and your creativity? I'd love to see what you are working on.....



  1. Love seeing your works in progress. She's just such a sweetie pie!! Must just light up your life. :) :)

  2. what a sweetie, so cute she is! thats a cool stamp. Never saw one like that, I really like what you did with it!

  3. What a beautiful little Princess!!

  4. Miss Z is just as cute as can be ... Too bad we can't hook her up with Oliver! hugs, nancy