Friday, August 31, 2012

Stamp Making and Art Journal

Did you see that moon last evening? I'll bet it will be as lovely tonight. Actually, according to one of the announcers at the US Open last evening, the moon will not actually be considered full until tonight. And speaking of the US Open, did you catch that spectacular second round match between V. Williams and A. Kerber? Maybe the best women's tennis match I've ever watched. Definitely glad I stayed up to watch it to the end.

 I put some finishing touches on the houses pages I was working on and am happy with them, especially the white gel pen journaling.

And my order from Nasco arrived and I carved a couple of stamps. I think I am getting better at it.

Another busy day planned.  The conditioning class is having a floor session for core training afterward this morning. Then I will stop at Pregitzer's to pick up my produce. I need to get to Mason some time today to make a deposit to my bank account, and then have a chiropractic appointment in Stockbridge late this afternoon. I hope to see immediate results from my adjustment. One or both of us needs to get to a store to pick up supplies for the cookout we are having on Sunday. Both kids are coming and bringing their kids.

For now I am going to get a second mug of coffee and read the blogs to which I subscribe. What are you doing today? Does it include some "me" time? Do you have plans for the big weekend? Are you going to find time to do something arty? Do share.....



  1. Good job on the stamps! You'll make good use of both of them :) I am glad I had too much caffeine yesterday so I could not sleep and saw that outrageous match between V. Williams and Kerber - wow!!! It looks like this is the year for the Americans - so many are still in it :) Have a great weekend.

  2. You're getting really good at the stamp carving. I really like the detail on these. Which carving material did you get? The pink speedball or Nasco's brand that is the white stuff? I am fortunate enough to live about 20 minutes away from their warehouse and store, so I drive over there a couple of times a year for supplies. I like your journal pages too. It's been fun to watch them develop.

    1. Hi Karen, I bought a classroom set of the white Nasco brand and am happy with it so far. sure wish I lived close to the warehouse. xoxo

  3. I've used the white before. I think it is comparable to the Speedball. A trip to Nasco is always fun :-)