Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's August, New Beginnings

Having been away for several days, I had no art in progress, so I began this morning. I poured out a bit of gesso and a blob of both Folk Art sunflower paint and Golden fluid Quin Red and started playing. Here are a couple of pages drying just waiting for added goodness.

I really should have two journals going at once because I frequently have leftovers that just dry on a paper plate, but today I ripped out a page from a sketch pad and put the leftovers to use. I will decorate this page and then cut it up for use in my journal.

I've been perusing some art books on loan from the library. Two in particular have made a hit with me. I may have to purchase them. One is Collage Playground by Kimberly Santiago and the other is Answers to 50 of the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Watercolor Glazing Techniques by Don Rankin. I've started a glazing practice on the back of the sunflusans. There is a bit of mess around the edges of the paper, but I am just playing/learning so don't mind. So far I just have a layer of fairly watery Azo Yellow.

And I realized I failed to share with some goodies I got in the mail from the lovely April Cole. She was purging some of her mixed media collage goodies and was nice enough to send me some. I can't believe all the lovely stuff she was able to fit into a business envelope.

My art space is an absolutely pig sty and I must get some picking up/organizing/sweeping done today or I swear I will totally lose it.

What are you doing today? Does it include some time for yourself? Are you getting a chance to be creative? Do share.....



  1. Hello Vicki,
    You have made some great starts there! I'm guessing you are already further along the process of making fantastic art.
    Today, I will be finishing a Marc Bolan portrait of which I just cannot make my mind up about. I know we are always too critical of our own work but there is something about it that is annoying me - just hope I can fix it.

  2. Yes, vickie very simple but art. I did set down and add some wrappers to my- Kinda of a memory Journal of products, Like I put the wrappers from my Kuru Toga Pencils to remember the package of Japan as opposed to US packaging. Well, I am a trained Graphics designer. It is Japanese. However, I think your Girls would just have ball watching the little School Girls.
    You and the girls would love watching this one too:
    It is very creative, you and the girls will love the ending. I love watching the Japanese You Tube. Seeing the packaging and the care they take in presenting there Pencils and Pens an Extreme Delight. They do seem to enjoy taking care in writing and Homework.
    JOY! JOY! JOY! His Love to all ( Girls so Cute!)

  3. Mixed media is a lot of fun, but it creates a huge mess ... at least I always had a huge one when I was doing it! hugs, nancy