Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Arctic Blast

Boy, has it ever been cold. We have a flowing creek in the backyard and it seldom freezes across, but for the last week it has been frozen solid. The temps have been decent, but the wind chill has made it feel like single digits for about a week already and I don't see an end in sight.

So I am hunkered down in my art room playing and trying to ignore the weather. I am having fun working on a two page spread for a book swap I am involved in, but will wait to show it to you until after the intended recipient gets it in the mail.

I have touched up my bird canvas - I'm still not sure it is absolutely done, but it is for now.

I also have started a new art journal. So far it is more journal than art, but I am trying to adjust to a new size. My first art journal from last year was about 6 x 9 and felt pretty substantial. This new one is 5 x 5 and is quite small. At first I only wrote in it and then I decided that every page needed a sketch of some kind. So here are the first two pages.

The flower doodle was prompted by a lovely thank you card I got from The Philosopher Artist for sending her the origami book she won in a giveaway here on the blog. The sketch on the right was supposed to be a woman, but somehow became a boy. I'm not sure what made it so - the square jaw, the short hair, the strong nose....??

The hubster has gone to a funeral back in his home town and had to leave at 6 am, so I got up with him and made him some breakfast and coffee before he headed out. Now I have all day either to get the paperwork for 2009 in order for the accountant or get this blasted house cleaned from stem to stern before my Mom arrives later in the week. Actually, I should probably have time to do both. But that probably won't leave me any time to do art and I need to do some art to keep myself happy and sane.

I'm thinking I'll probably put on some loud music - Adele or Tori Amos or Imogen Heap or Jem or Coldplay or...maybe all of the them and do some uber cleaning. I believe the CD player holds 6. I'm thinking I could get a lot of cleaning done while six CDs play themselves out. And then I will reward myself with some art time. The tax records may have to wait until tomorrow.

As soon as I finish this and my second cup of coffee, I am on it!



  1. Vicki the art looks fantastic. I thought that the picture was a woman and not a boy, but yes I could see it being either. Lovely.

    Have fun with your Mom and after all those kids treat her like gold.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. I love the bird and the woman does look like a woman. Glad you got the card. Your drawing of the stamp from the envelope is perfect. Thank you again for the book. Have a fun and fantastic creative day!

  3. Adding art to your pages is a great addition. The face does look like a boy but if you added dangly earrings and a necklace, I bet the face would be that of a woman again. Boys don't have the rugged look of a man and it's an iffy line there.

    I like the added greenery to your bird picture. You are really doing great with your artwork.

  4. Do I see that your word for 2010 is DARE? My phrase is TANGIBLE SOUL.

    Looking forward to bringing that into fruition and knowing you better through CED2010.

  5. I love your bird. Something is missing. Maybe a little of the lavender in the bird tale. Like your new journal too!

  6. The bird is looking good and I'm loving your journal!

  7. I like your're doing great with your artwork. ~Maer~