Saturday, January 23, 2010


I am working in my art room, but because I am making altered book pages to share I don't want to show too much until the intended recipients have gotten them. There are six people in each exchange. I have sent the first one, have the second ones done except to put backs on them, and have the backgrounds started on the last two. I am one of the people in the group, so I really only have to send 5 two page spreads out. I haven't decided how I will bind my book when my pages are received, but that can wait.

I am watching way too much tennis and staying up much too late in order to do so. Some of the women I really like to watch play have been already beaten - Hantuchova, Dimentieva, Sharapova, Clijsters, - to name a few. The men are really battling it out and I have been enjoying watching Nadal, Federer, Del Potro, Murray, Isler, Roddick; anything can happen and undoubtedly will.

I have been trying to sketch each day - didn't get to it yesterday. We went up to the Maple Street Mall to reorganize the hubsters space and get new pix for their website and then I spent much of the afternoon working with the pictures and updating the site.

Here is what I have drawn this morning.

Here is a picture of my work area. It needs some straightening, but I like to have things close by so that I don't have to get up all the time. I have put all the paints and colored pencils behind me on a shelf within reach, too.

And last but not at all least. I am sure I told you about winning the Copic markers from Milliande at Christmas time, but I wanted to show them to you. As soon as I get up the courage to try them I will share that with you also.

My daughter is bringing the girls out around noon to visit and have me copy some papers on my printer/scanner/copier for her. I've better get this bum on the treadmill and do a walk before they arrive. I hope to get more art done today that I can show you tomorrow or Monday.



  1. Your work area is so cozy - I love it. A full set of Copics - lucky you! And, of course, your drawings are very nice as well! hugs, nancy

  2. You are so lucky to have won that wonderful gift. Please let drool over the first color chosen to be put on paper. Pleazzzzzze!!!

  3. I know what you mean about getting up the courage to try that neat new art tool! I haven't tried the very small set of copics I bought over a month ago. What if my use of them doesn't come out as I expect or like I've seen on others' work? That's how my mind goes. Hope you try them soon. Nice picture of the lady and bird. You are doing real well with your sketching.

  4. Always enjoyb your postings. They are varied and so much fun.
    I really enjoyed meeting your Mom, Your right she looks so sweet.
    The cardinals in winter are one of my favorite subjects and these pic are just wonderful.!!!
    Thanks for sharing.