Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I had the whole house to myself just about all day yesterday, but spent very little time in the art room. But my house is clean (except to dust the living room), the laundry is done, the rugs are cleaned. I think I am just about ready for a guest.

I did take time while taking a break from the scrubbing to doodle a bit in a little journal I usually keep nearby. It is different than what I have done before. I stumbled upon a video about making a mandala and tried that idea. My symmetry isn't all it should be and it is a little messy in some parts, but overall I like it.

I really liked the simplicity of the video and hope you like it too. At any rate here is mine:

The hubster and I are taking my car in for a major tune up this morning and then I am coming home to finish the "Wish Upon A Star" book pages I am working on. I also have to begin the 9 inchies in a black and white theme. I think I know now what I will do. I wonder if I can make 1 inch mandalas or if I should make a large one and then cut them. Hmmmmm.....

More later.....



  1. wow!! your doodling is getting better and better :)) and that mandala looks really really cool!!! you must "grow" it some more and see what it becomes :))

  2. You can always shrink a mandala down and print it out for the inchies. I don't know if that is acceptable for your set though.

    I'll have to watch the video. Most mandala sites that I've seen make the mandala for you out of photos you upload. This is different.

  3. I just went and put it on my blog as this is so neat! Thank you so much.

  4. This is wonderful! Do not be so hard on yourself. Another way to do a Mandela is to set the size and number of circles inside.
    Using jar lids, various sizes, coke tops, bottle caps or the circles template -- find at Staples, AC Moore etc.
    Draw with a very light pencil the sizes that you want.
    the full diameter the inner circles. etc.
    Make sure you stay true to your center point.
    So they remain true to the center.

  5. Vicki: The information you share is much appreciated! Your mandala turned out terrific for first try. I am going to give this a whirl myself. Thanks for sharing! I just have to learn how to embed videos!

  6. Well, this is very cool! I haven't watched the video yet (just got home), but will. I'm always in awe of you and all the new things you try and are successful at! hugs, nancy

  7. The video is just mesmerizing. TFS.

    I just read an article "Half a Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste" (Catchy title, huh?) about exercising your creative right brain and letting your creativity flow like the video shows.

    I can't wait to try the mandala exercise.

  8. i think this is VERY good. i'm not expert but i really like the black and white patterns you've made. i like the whole, i like the parts.

    and the bird: the background light just bounces. very very nice.

    do you know marianne from my blog? she does the most amazing mandalas. i think you might enjoy a visit to her.


  9. Love your doodling!! It's wonderful and thanks so much for the video of the mandala!

  10. WOW!!! awesome video! Thanks for sharing. I like your mandala! I am off to try this!!!

  11. THank you for posting this video!

  12. This is good - thanks for sharing.

  13. So many interesting things to see Vicki!
    TFS this video very inspiring! Luv mandalas and Zentangling/Doodling!

    Hoping all goes well for your Mom, enjoy her visit!