Friday, January 29, 2010

Feeling Special

Tomorrow is my birthday, but today I am already feeling the love. I got a lovely card in the mail from Tolegranny of Art For the Creative Mind. What a nice surprise!

My friend, Nancy, and I were to go out second hand store scouting and it was my turn to drive and her turn to buy lunch, but in honor of my birthday she chose to drive AND buy lunch. We had a lovely time and found some goodies. I'll share those with you tomorrow.

When I got home, it was to find a vase of flowers on the table from the hubster:


Do I ever feel special! And to top it off, the first grader just called and she, her little sister and her Mom are coming out later this afternoon. The perfect ending to a perfect day.
I'm off to have some flavored coffee with the hubster and watch some tennis.



  1. Thanks Vicki. Hope your birthday cheers will last the whole year through.

  2. That hubster of yours is definitely a keeper (and ladies, he's cute, too!). It was fun, as always! hugs nancy

  3. Happy Birthday Vicki!! I'm all in favor of celebrating more than one day!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday again! Enjoy all of it! My children always Had Month Birthdays. It was next to impossible to get them to everyone so - as long as it was their Birth Month -- keep it coming. Lot of good Cake and Coffee for a whole month.