Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Busy Day with The Girls

I had a really great day yesterday even though I had to go to the Secretary of State office to renew my driving license. My past experience in this office has always been of long lines and long waits and grumpy employees, but not yesterday. There was no one waiting when I got there and the woman who took care of my needs was quite pleasant. Of course, the picture makes me look like a thug, but that is to be expected.

I began the day by sleeping in because of staying up into the wee hours watching tennis (as I did last evening as well). So when I did get up, I grabbed a cheesy bagel and a cup of coffee and then headed to the daughter's house. The baby was thrilled to see me and helped her Mom do the dishes and then took a bath. She and I played and watched Barney while her Mom got ready to go. After the daughter got out of the shower, we headed out to do errands.

We bagan at the Secretary of State office and it was a treat (see first paragraph). From there we went to the Ground Round for lunch. Dana and I each had a cup of soup and half a sandwich and the baby had chicken fingers and fries. We were pleased that she spent time with each of us sharing our soup and didn't really eat that many of the fries. She was very well behaved and kept us entertained (quietly). I love it when a small child behaves well in a restaurant!

After lunch we headed to Sam's Club where I had to pick up a few things. The baby fell asleep on the way home from there. The daughter and I sat in her driveway talking for a bit while the baby slept and then I headed on home. I guess I would have to classify it as a family day, not so much an art day.

I did get a couple of sketches done and will share them with you. I am not totally pleased with the frog, but was happy to be drawing something besides faces and birds (although I still love drawing them).

And here is the zentangle I made while watching tennis the night before.

I have also been quite regular about walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes each day. Some days I leave the incline at 3.5 and walk at 3.5 miles per hour and other days I alternate the incline getting up as high as 7 and walk at 3.0 miles per hour. The really nice thing is that the hubster is also walking for 30 minutes every day.

Today I hope to get the backs on all the pages I've done for the collaborated book pages swap and get my napkins in the mail for that swap. I also have to get my inchies in the mail. I am meeting a Geometry student after school to help him prepare for his final exam. I am still putting off getting my tax information ready for the accountant. I know it will only take one day (maybe most of the day, at that), but somehow I just can't make myself begin. I think I will have to come up with some kind of reward system for myself to help me get motivated.

My birthday is the end of the week and the hubster's is 3 days later. We are going to use the gift certificate for dinner that we got as a Christmas present and call that our birthday dinner. The certificate is for one of our favorite places to eat; a place we haven't been in quite a long time. I am looking forward to that.

I guess I'd better get started on this new day!



  1. Vicki I want to say Happy Birthday, oh now I think I just remembered you telling me it is on my Dad's birthday. I won't forget now.


  2. Happy early birthday, my friend! Sounds like you had a pretty full day (what's new with that?). We need to get together soon! Your Zentangle is wonderful - I like the circle format. The frog is quite cute, too. hugs, nancy

  3. Happy Birthday to both you and the Hubster. Hope you have a blow out dinner. I loved taking my sons out to dinner. I would do it once a month. Twice if extra money. The only problems would be the Help trying to make them order a kiddy Hotdog plate. We went for dinner. No baby stuff. They grew up so fast. Last few dinners I had with them when you could still say they were boys. They had me make sure one or the other did the ordering and had the funds to pay a full and any extras. It was one of the best things I did as Mom. They now only go out with their friends. Wa! Whine! But still ask me whats best - like homemade Tiramisu- Mom ??? What goes in a Tiramisu? What do I need. Always a little bit still - they have to chew several times for the accomplishment. Mom is still available. Tiramisu was devoured. No one had ever had Homemade. Mom dipped while cream was made proper.

  4. Love the zentangle! You have really gotten good at these. And you are doing great sketches.

  5. Wow you have a lot to do today!
    I think you did a great drawing of your granddaughter!

    I read your comment on Renee's blog about the bohemian lifestyle.
    If you'd like to come over to see the blog is
    : ) Pattee