Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter Wonderland

It looks like January in Michigan out there! By the time I went to bed last night we had about 5 inches with a couple more inches expected overnight. It is dark out, so I am not sure what the total is, but all the schools in the Lansing and Jackson areas are closed. For students and teachers that is such a bonus when a snow day falls on a Friday or Monday - 3-day weekend!

I am expecting my Mom some time today. She was originally expected to arrive around noon. I am not sure if this latest snowfall will have an impact on that or not. I still have not dusted the living room and the shelves in the dining area. Hey, I still have this morning. It is also a treadmill day, so I'd better get my hour in a little earlier than usual so that I can get in the shower and be presentable by the time Mom is delivered.

When the storm was in its infancy, Nancy and I went into Jackson and spent a bit of time at Encore!, a second hand store. I found a few bits of hardware (you know, steampunky stuff), a really cute bell with birds on it for Mom (in case she needs me and I am at the other end of the house) and some lovely alphabet cookie cutters that I think will work quite nicely as stamps. We then enjoyed a lunch at Panera's - the black bean soup was delish! and got home before it got too bad. I was home by 1:30 and the roads were already quite tricky.

I do have a couple of small sketches to show you. I've tried another mandala using the ideas from the video I posted in an earlier post. I like this one, but again near the center it is a bit jumbled. I need more practice.

And, I have been seeing so many people whose blogs I read daily making girl faces again that I had to try one myself. Most of the ones I've seen are painted, mine is just sketched, but I like her.

I guess I'd better qualify her as a "quick" sketch - poor child has no eyebrows!

I am thinking I may try to do a quick sketch of my Mom while she is here. That is if she doesn't mind too much. I am more likely to try to sketch cribbage boards, cards, dice....

I am planning to make a batch of banana oatmeal muffins this morning and have some homemade bean with ham soup thawing in the refrigerator. I guess that takes care of afternoon tea (muffins) and dinner except maybe I'll make a batch of corn bread muffins to go with the soup.

One of my goals for 2010 is to only blog on weekdays. I found that sometimes in 2009 trying to blog every day was a bit much. That doesn't mean I will not be creative every day, it just means I won't be sharing it on the weekends.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!



  1. Love cornbread. keep the practice on the Mandala. Face is pretty. Enjoy! Your Mom. Hope all is well.
    Sounds like good food!!

  2. I loved the face and never realised about the eyebrows until you pointed it out. I saw the image as a young blonde. Perfect.

  3. LOL - I didn't make corn bread yesterday, but we did have the soup. Your Mandala is a good one - you made it really intricate. I like that. And the portrait - what can I say but that, "you've come a long way, baby"! Hugs, nancy

  4. Have fun with your Mom Vicki.

    Love Renee xoxo

  5. Your mandala that you made looks really good. That was a really neat video-haven't tried it yet. And you pretty girl is just that!!

  6. I tried several mandalas yesterday while I sat with my husband during his chemo. I can see that it is really important to keep everything as even as possible(which is not easy) The last one I did, I drew a circle and then worked from the center of that circle...It seemed to help a little. I admire people that can make even marks every time!Lol
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  7. Your mandala and girl are fun! I like your convo on blogging too much and I have been trying to slow down on that myself. Good luck with that!

  8. you made me quite hungry after I read your post!!!
    Have fun with your mom!!!

  9. Mandala looks like fun to do and your girl sketch is looking good. Enjoy the time with your mum. Hugs

  10. To give you a more even start with your mandalas you could put a plus sign on the paper from one side to the other and top to bottom which could be erased afterwards.

    Hope you have a fun visit. I hope too, that your mom will let you sketch her. That would be a treasure to have.

  11. Crib another fun game.

    Make sure your Mom gets lots of hugs.


  12. I've been using a compass for my mandalas so yours is the girlie portrait too.