Thursday, January 7, 2010

Zentangles and Inchies

I have been mentally working on ideas for an inchie swap and finally sat down in the living room last evening and drew a zentangle on a 6 x 6 Strathmore Bristol smooth artist paper. My idea was to make a large zentangle and then cut it into 1" x 1" pieces. Here is what I have come up with on the 6 x 6 page:

I like it overall, but still feel that I am not very good at this and that I need more variety. There is something very satisfying about this whole thing, though. Parts of it I absolutely love and parts not so much. At any rate, it is what it is and I think I am getting better each time I try one and that is surely the whole point.

My idea is to cut it into 1 x 1 pieces and then choose the most interesting 9 to use for the swap. As a visual aid, I opened this file in Photoshop and then chose 1" x 1" squares in two ways. In the picture below, the 6 inchies above the black line were separated from the first inch along the left side of the 6 x 6. The 9 below the black line where chosen by setting the marquee tool to 1" x 1" and then selectively cutting out parts that I found interesting.

My question is this, would this be a legitimate way to generate inchies in a black and white theme? Would you be happy to get something like this as your part of a swap?

Personally, I think I like the 6 at the top that were generated by just cutting along the left edge. I am almost certain that is what I will do, but would really appreciate some input.

On another topic, I finished by two page spread for the collaborated book swap and will get them in the post today. I actually remembered to take pictures and will share them after they are received at the other end.

And I did a bit more work on my bird adding a bit of green around him to the background using a sea sponge and a couple different colors. I am calling him done (at least for now). I am almost certain I am going to keep the background and redo the bird. I am thinking I could just put a watered layer of gesso on him and start fresh with the colors. I want to tone down the blue and maybe do just a bit of reshaping of the body and tail feathers. I think I may also need something in the upper left for interest.

Well, my friend Nancy is due at 10 and we are going on an outing, so I think I'd better get around. I hope to see you again tomorrow.



  1. I think the zentangle inchies would work if you add a tiny something to each one like a button or two, a fancy brad or something like that as they seem more of a background and need the spark of a bit of focal. Cutting them up is a fine idea though.

    Yes, your picture now needs something in that upper left corner. Hope you are having fun. I like your bird as he is. We'll see how he is when you are happy with him!

  2. Love the zentangles. I liked the second group better than the first. If you are worried about them just being black and white you could use a color wash over them! Or even use a ink pad and ink the edges in color or black. But I would love to get them just as they are. Your bird is nice and if the cornor bugs you. Try putting a few birds in the distant you know the kind that look like the letter m to add a little something.

    Sherry L.

  3. You have been productive! I love your zentangle! I agree that the second group is more interesting.
    Sounds like you're having fun!

  4. this doodle makes great little inchies! patterns are much fun to work with!

  5. You are good at this! They turned out fantastic...great way to make inchies!

  6. OMGosh - not enough variety in the zentagle?! My 1st thought was how intriguing and varied all the different elements are.

    I agree that the simple cutting from the edge is best. That preserves the organic design you designed in the 1st place.

    The ones you selected with the marquee tool are very centrally balanced and that negates your original feel.

    Hope this is helpful ;-)