Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good News and ATCs

I finally heard from the doctor yesterday around dinner time. He had some pretty good news - the spot by Mom's eye is precancerous and should just be looked at again and then kept an eye on. The one on the lower part of her face near the neckline is a basal cell carcinoma, which he tells me is the very best kind (if you can call any cancer best). He needs her to have more removed to be sure they get it all and still wants her to have a biopsy of her mouth and/or tongue. I will follow up by telephone to be sure my sister who lives next door to her makes these things happen.

Meanwhile, last Fall my friend, Nancy, and I decided to participate in an Artist Trading Card Exhibition at Richmond Art Gallery. The exhibit was in Richmond, British Columbia, and the cards were on display from September 18 through October 30, 2009. 

We each submitted 9 cards that we had made, and we asked to have them traded rather than get our own back.  Time went by and we both forgot all about it.  Then we each got an email that said there was only one person working on doing the trades and sending them all out .... and, that there were over 300 participants! No wonder it took awhile. Thank you so much, Kathy!

Here are the cards I received:

I may have told you that I am involved in a 6 x 6 two page spread exchange through one of my Yahoo! groups. The theme of this one was "wish upon a star" and here is what I sent. I can show you now because she has received them.

The ones I am working on now have a theme of "ladies vintage hats/hairdos". Once they are received, I will show them to you.

I had my son and his daughter overnight last evening and she bought her stuffed dog, Puppers. She saw the picture of my youngest granddaughter and wanted to pose similar to that to have her picture taken.

It is too bad her eyes aren't wide open; this child has the most beautiful eyes! It was fun to have her stay overnight. I don't see her as often as I see my daughter's girls.

I am spending way too much time watching the Australian Open these days. I have been doing crossword puzzles while doing so; maybe I need to take my sketch book out and try to do some gesture drawing.

Hope to have more art to share tomorrow.



  1. Vicki your granddaughter is gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

    Glad to hear the news about your Mom. Excellent. My dad had that and they would just remove the spots as they came and it did no damage.

    Please make sure to follow up on her throat and tongue though.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. What a happy post - from top to bottom. So glad to hear about your mom.

  3. Yes, that's wonderful news about your mom! What a relief, that's for sure. You got some great ATCs in the swap, and the photo is really cute. Hope to see you soon. hugs, nancy

  4. Hooray for the good news about your mom! I'm happy to hear it!!

  5. Vicki! So, glad to hear the good news about your Mom. Still on my Prayer list. Your granddaughter is just a beauty! Glad you were in the swap. I have never gotten any place interested in showing ATC or ACEOs here in the NorthEast. I am going to try again at the local library.

  6. So glad your mother's tests came back so well! Hopefully she does the follow ups she needs.

    What fun to get back some cards long after you quit expecting them.

  7. good news all around! what a cute granddaughter you have! and best wishes for your mom!