Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Drawing Faces

I subscribe to many artists' blogs; some of them are painters, some are journalers, some concentrate on nature, some are following the EDM list. Many of them are working on faces, predominantly girl faces. I notice their faces are nearly always young adult faces and a couple of them are trying to draw younger faces. I find drawing a face that is obviously a youngster is very difficult, but I keep trying. Here is my latest attempt:

This is supposed to be my 6 year old granddaughter. I think you can tell this is a youngster face, but I'm not sure anyone would look at it and say, "That's Katie!" I definitely need more work. I mustn't forget the 3 Ps - practice, practice, practice.

My goals for the day:

To get all the collaborative book pages in addressed envelopes ready to go.
To get the napkins for a swap into an addressed envelope ready to go.
To get my inchies in an addressed envelope ready to go.

If I can accomplish these things early enough, I will drive to the post office and send them on their way. Otherwise that will be tomorrow's task.

I also still need to get my tax info organized; make an appointment for a pedicure (I got a gift certificate as a Christmas gift); go through my Spring clothes and decide which ones will accompany me on my road trip to the south; make vegetable beef soup; clean house (Gee, I HATE cleaning house); work on the Noah's ark collage/painting I am making as a baby gift (the baby was born on Sunday).

Sounds like a very busy day - I'd better get it in gear!

I hope to see you tomorrow.



  1. Wonderful! drawing. Are you still practicing with Suzi Blu? She always seems to say something really well related to faces. Her videos are really informative.

  2. I recognized her right away - great job! hugs, nancy

  3. Hi Vicki
    I think your face is very good. It's difficult to draw an open mouth--with teeth. I think you did a good job!

  4. It is lovely.

    Vicki you are gypsy number 9 and of course are welcome aboard. How about you make me drinks all day. Fresh juice here and fresh juice there.......

    Love Renee xoxo

  5. your drawing looks great.
    And hope you got most of your to do list done !
    Oh for more time in each day huh
    Hugs WendyP

  6. You can tell it is a young girl, well done. I'd love to be able to draw children, practice, practice and more practice.