Friday, October 29, 2010

Footloose Friday and a Blind Contour

It would appear that I have the day off - no phone calls this morning. I have a whole day stretching out before me. I have a haircut at 11, have a book at the library and am hoping to catch Pumpkin Carving at Creative Live at 2. Other than that, the day is unplanned and wide open. I love this kind of day and am hoping to get started on more art projects.

Meanwhile, once the girls and their Mom went home last evening and the dishes were done, I headed for my art room and did a bit of coloring. I think this colored pencil bit is a little better than my past ones, but still need to work on it.

I'm guessing the Creative Live Pumpkin Carving is digital using Photoshop. I don't know if I will be able to watch it all because of the restrictions of my ISP and I really don't want to drive to Mason for a haircut at 11 and then turn around and drive back to the coffee shop there to watch the free Photoshop lesson at 2. I guess that is a decision I will have to make later in the day.

I attempted another blind contour of the same bald eagle that I used last week and all I can say is - I thought I would get better with each attempt. I'm not sure this is as good as last week's, but it is what I have for today.

I almost forgot about the giveaway - drum roll please - the random number generator has chosen number 1 as the winner.  Pooja, please contact me with mailing information. Thanks to all of you for participating.

See you in November - holy moley, what's the big hurry with this year. I've just gotten used to writing 2010 and it is about to be 2011



  1. I think the blind contour is rather cute, he looks like a baby eagle... {he is looking down from his nest and has deep thoughts of where he wants to fly}. And its fine drawing, it is after all blind contour... Just keep it up and it will get to where you want it to take you.

  2. Wow! The leaves have come out really well - did you use the colorless blender?

    Ohhh thanks for picking me. I just sent you an email :-)

  3. how you managed to fit in doing the leaves with their wonderful varied colorings is a mystery to me! "THe more you do the more you will do....ejm"

  4. Rich and warm Autumn colours on your leaves and I love your "fluffy" looking eagle: this little looks cute !

  5. Very strong and vivid colors, and it surely reflects IMHO the most beautiful season in a year.
    Nice eagle!

  6. Your leaves are wonderful. Take a look at Bet Borgenson's book. I think she is still in Portland, OR.
    Your Contour is great. But for some reason it feels forced.
    Use a crayon and enjoy! Let go be a kid.
    Get an ice cream, and let the ice cream run down your
    Chin. Get a grape soda and have a Purple Cow Day!
    Wow, wish I had such an open free day.
    Well, it is definitely grocery day! Refrigerator is bare.
    I am going to go to Starbucks first. Finish my review of
    Books for workshop. I am beginning my documentation of Marblehead, MA.
    I hope your day was great.
    I read your blog everyday. Love it!