Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Art Day Fun

Yesterday I had an art day with my friend, Nancy, at her house. She had some aquaboard for us to play with and we had a grand time. I wish I'd taken a photo of her painting, but perhaps she will share it on her blog some time in the near future. As for mine, it began as some pale flowers on a darker background using a photo from one of her watercolor books. In not time at all, it was a disaster - overworked, too many hard edges, awful. I wet the whole thing, used paper towels to remove most of the color and then used a a mix of blues and yellows to get various shades of green and sponged onto the surface with a sea sponge. I used a bit of masking fluid (something new to me, but that I hope to get comfortable with soon) to protect a couple of light areas from the original flowers and then painted around them. I added some darker green this morning.

Nancy made a luscious salad for lunch and had some fabulous hard rolls to go with it. Later in the day, we retired to her studio (we painted at the kitchen table) and talked and laughed until I suddenly realized it was almost dinner time and I should scoot home. The times I spend in Nancy's company are always filled with wonderful conversations on a wide variety of topics, some serious and some frivolous. If laughter is good for your health, time with her is wonderful medicine.

I brought home a couple more small aquaboards to play with and a novel that she loaned to me. She also sent a large black sheet of artist paper for me to try with watercolor pencils. She is such a warm and generous friend. I am already looking forward to our next get together.

Before I go get on the treadmill, I have a photo of a rose in the side yard. I am hoping to try to paint it sometime soon and will share it with you when I do.

Today I am going out and about with another friend, Carol. We will be shopping, eating lunch out, catching up and no doubt laughing a lot. A very different kind of day out than yesterday, but tons of fun in a different way. I will have to try to fit a bit of art in later this afternoon when I get home. If I happen to find any treasures while we are out and about I will surely share with you tomorrow.



  1. Mmmm. . . What a beautiful rose. I hope to see it in one of your sketches soon.

  2. Yes, yesterday was a lot of fun, and boy did I need all the laughs! I will be posting my wee piece later on today. Thanks again for the goodies you brought me! The dark green you added made a huge difference in your painting, and the pic of the rose is stunning! It will make a beautiful painting. Have fun today!! hugs, nancy

  3. That rose is breathtaking. Nothing like an artist's date with a good friend. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  4. i love tea roses! and what a fun day you had :)

  5. I found your blog through A.R.T. Your rose is beautiful!

  6. Beautifully drawn Vicki! =) And the close-up picture of the rose is awesome! Glad you had a great time with fellow artsy people ^^

  7. Your painting turned out really well in the end. I think it has a slightly mesterious look - at first glance it appears quite simple but I found I kept going back for another look.