Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sketch and More Photos

When we eat at the table on the screened portion of the deck, I have a lovely view of part of the hubster's workshop, and a portion of the garden between the house and said workshop. There is a bluebird house in the garden which appears to actually be housing bluebirds. Each time I look at it, I think it would make a good sketch, but haven't yet been so enthused as to leave my food and go get my sketching materials.

I took my coffee out there this morning and decided to sketch it. I think it is okay even though the flowers appear to be in front of the siding on the side of the house - I guess that is artistic license - or a mistake?? At any rate, here is what I've depicted:

I haven't decided whether to add color or leave it as is.

I also have a few more photos from the Battle Creek trip that I thought were good candidates for sketching at a later date. You may use these if you wish, and if you do I'd love to see what you end up with.

This needs to be tweaked in Photoshop to fix the perspective. That is Dee on the left with her camera.

It was a big weekend in Battle Creek while we were there - a hot air balloon festival, the Blue Angels flying show, and apparently an antique auto show. These vehicles were parked right outside our room and I couldn't resist taking pix.

Intro to Repurposed Books class update - I still have 8 openings in my class which is being held in Haslett on August 13. If you are interested, you can find more information under the Workshops/Classes tab at the top of the page.

It is another beautiful day here in southern Michigan. The hubster is working at the Maple Street Mall in Mason this afternoon and I am running errands in Jackson. I have a heavy sketching paper to take to the printer to be cut to size for my class and need to pick up a few grocery items. 

The girls are due home some time today from their vacation in Myrtle Beach and I hope to see them. They are staying overnight on Thursday and we are going up to Leelanau for the weekend. It is sure to be a great time.

I hope you are having a great day and have set aside some time to make art.



  1. What a wonderful time you had with so much to show for it .... drawings and lovely photos. Have fun with the little ones! hugs, nancy

  2. I like that sketch as is--very nice.

  3. I like your sketch, and sitting outside sketching with a coffee sounds like a great idea :) I love those car photos - would it be ok for me to try sketching the red car - it is calling to me! Won't be at all offended if that's not ok.

  4. Thanks for the swift response Vicki on my blog - can't wait to have a go at this. I'm not normally drawn to mechanical things, but this curvy car is just beautiful! Will let you know how it goes.

  5. Lovely sketch, and the photos are amazing! Love those cars especially ^^

  6. love the photos - esp. of the old vehicles!
    a sweet sketch :)

  7. Just signed up on PayPal for the book workshop! Looking forward to it!

  8. Those car pix are just wonderful. You're going to draw any of them? I think they would make lovely drawings.