Friday, July 15, 2011

New Repurposed Book, Sketches, Bluebirds, and More

I was really productive yesterday - I walked the treadmill, made a new repurposed book, got outdoors and took lots of photos, and managed to do two quick sketches using images from Google Maps.

Here are "in process" pix of the repurposed book:

Outside Cover with Text Block removed.

Inside Cover - I used a bit of sandpaper to remove the edges left from the endpapers.

I used Mi Teintes paper in black, tan, and gray. Here they are folded, pressed, and hole punched.

Sewn together using the French Link stitch.

This is the new endpaper. I love using wallpaper as it glues so nicely.

Here is the finished journal.

It was a beautiful day yesterday so I got outdoors and took some photos around the yard. The bluebird pix were taken through the screen in my art room, but I think they turned out pretty well even with the screen between.

One of my favorites in the front garden is the thistle. I never tire of taking photos of it.

This might be fun to draw on Mi Teintes brown paper with colored pencil.

And I also love the ferns especially when there is a lovely winged one visiting.

And finally, I spent a bit of time using Google maps to find sites of interest to do quick sketches. These are by no means finished art work, but they are excellent practice for me, especially if I make sure I don't spend a lot of time on them. I used my Noodler's Flex pen (which by the way I don't know how to make flex.) with Saguaro Wine ink. It is messy, but I need the practice. If anyone has experience with this pen and can tell me how to make it flex, I'd appreciate it.

Once again the treadmill is calling out to me and I must obey. I've had a couple of mugs of coffee and will grab a banana on the way to workout. I had a 20% off coupon for everything including sale items at JoAnn's that is good through tomorrow and think I should use it - maybe I will use it at Michael's if they will honor it.

I hope you are having a great Friday and that the weekend is a pleasant and productive one.



  1. love the book idea, are you going to cover the front of book with art or leave as is
    good day
    becky s

  2. Love the book, and the details of the process. it is very interesting.

  3. great book did excellent job with this :)

  4. Becky - I'm not planning to cover the front of the book. I try to choose books whose covers already have either art work or words on them.


  5. Love the book, Vicki. I can't wait for the workshop in Haslett next month--I already have 3 books with covers I like. I'm going to be very busy after you show me how to do this!!!

  6. Clever you - I love your re-purposed books, and your photos are just lovely.

  7. Your photos are especially nice. Also enjoyed the book.

  8. Love the book! And the bluebirds are so amazing. I'm so glad I found you through A.R.T.

  9. Lovely sketches, and yes I do agree that the flower would probably be a fun challenge!

  10. Wonderful! The thistle will be a challenge, but very fun, I think. I'm so sorry I had to cancel our date. :( Soon, I hope. hugs, nancy

  11. vicki your "books" are a wonderful idea .. see you have a workshop ..lovely adirondack sketches ..good challenge.