Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Slow Down July

I'm not sure where this month is going, but it seems like it is disappearing right before my eyes. While I have not been enjoying the hot, steamy weather and would like it to be a bit cooler and breezy, I don't want time to pass by so quickly.

Yesterday was very pleasant; I went shopping with my friend, Carol, and we found some good sales and lots of things to laugh about. I feel healthier already having spent two consecutive days with good friends, which always means lots of laughter, which everyone knows is "the best medicine".

I spent a little time last evening before the Tiger game (we won, yippee!!) trying another perspective drawing in my sketchbook. I am really drawn (pun intended) to the street scenes and am able to get lots of wonderful photos online between google street view and files of photos for artists to use as reference at Wet Canvas and other sites. Here is my latest attempt:

I think I am getting a bit better and maybe it is time to try to do one in watercolor. I think this one is one of my favorites. I love how the street curves out of sight. If I do a watercolor, I think I need to add some people to bring this scene to life.

I also thought you might enjoy seeing the photo of the tree frog (or is he a tree toad?) that I used as a reference for the picture I sketched the other day. Here he is:

Was it wrong of me to take his picture while he was eating? Or was it wrong of him to have his mouth full while I was taking his picture?

This morning I am driving up to Haslett to meet with Kip at Small But Mighty Arts to see what tools and supplies she has available so I know exactly what I need to bring on the 13th for my Repurposed Book class. I am going to take my sketchbook and try to do some sketching out of doors. I have an appointment for a haircut and pedicure (we have an out of town wedding next weekend) and think I may have a bit of down time between meeting with Kip and the time of my appointment. It seems like the perfect time to do a bit of sketching and there are lots of builidings and people to sketch between Haslett and Mason.

I intend to add more colored pencil to the flowers in the vase that Jean Haines posted as her first July challenge this afternoon. I promised myself that I was going to take it slowly, but I didn't mean that I was just going to let it sit. I am anxious about adding more to it, but it will be good practice and "it is just paper", so if I don't like it, at least I will be learning as I go.

I'd better go get a bit of breakfast and get ready for the day. I hope to have pix and sketches to share tomorrow.



  1. Love your sketch! Yes, definitely do a watercolor! Have fun today!

  2. Gosh, I should have driven down, we could have sketched together.

  3. I'm looking forward to the class - need to get a few supplies - I'll email you about them.

  4. Your perspective sketches are really improving. I can feel the street winding away into the distance. Great job! I have no idea what kind of frog that is but he's a cutey. It was nice of him to stop and pose so nicely for you.

  5. Yes, your perspective sketches are definitely improving! This is a wonderful piece. As for the frog ... at least he wasn't talking with his mouth full and kept his back to you. I love them and wish ours would come back. I see the evidence that he's been here, but just never spot him. Glad you had fun yesterday, and hope you find some good stuff to sketch today! hugs, nancy

  6. That perspective sketch looks good to me - can't wait to see your watercolours ... Great picture of the frog (and his dinner companion) and I'm sure he would be honoured to be transformed into a picture?

  7. Perspective well done Vicki! =) And wow you really did captured the frog eating ^^ I personally have never seen anything like that!

  8. The frog is awesome!

    Your perspective sketch is very good - I can see lots of improvements! I'm looking forward to seeing a watercolor street scene, too.

  9. What a cute photo of a tree frog! How did you get so close?

    I love the street scene. For some reason it reminds me of one of the foreign country streets at Epcot Center. lol.