Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pen and Ink and WC WIP and Another Perspective Practice

I've been trying to add dimension and work on the perspective in my work in progress and like some of it but am still not happy with the perspective of the windows. The scribblings on the lower left represents some greenery growing from on top of the wall and spilling down. I need to add something there and am thinking of trying a fountain pen with green india ink and then adding just a touch of water. Is there anyone who has worked with india ink and watercolor before? Do you think this is workable? And another thing - the side of the building that is directly ahead with nothing on it is crumbling badly in the reference picture. Should I try to age it up? Or is it true that less is more?

In between working on this and running errands connected to my upcoming workshop, I started another small, quick sketch for more practice in perspective drawing. I've been wondering if I should try the "upside down" drawing method and if I'd get better results.

Some of the windows were open and perpendicular to the side of the building adding to the difficulty.

I've signed up for another swap with the Watercolour Pencil Buddies Yahoo! group for July and am excited to get started. This month's theme is purple and don't you know that is my favorite color. I am hoping to have a ball working on it.

Meanwhile I'd best get some work done today as the girl tribe (except for Miss Newborn) is staying overnight tomorrow and we are taking them up north for the weekend - guaranteed to be barrels of fun, but hard on the body. I'm not sure when I started to feel my 59 years, but I am these days. Most of the time I feel about 35, but running, chasing, playing on the floor and just generally keeping up with Miss 8, Miss 7 and Miss 3 is definitely reminding me just how old I truly am.

I hope you are having a wonderful day and that you are finding time to play and spend time with the ones you love.



  1. Love the colored version of the perspective Vicki

  2. Are you starting with reference lines for your perspective? I found that they help me to keep things working they way I want them to.

    I block in the perspective then build from the lines.

    Your study is moving in the right direction and I love that you are keeping at it.

  3. I struggle with perspective too. It's a hard concept to come to grips with. There are some excellent books available. Start with a simple 2 point perspective, draw the lines to the vanishing point, then it will start to make sense. It's a geometric/optical illusion problem to be solved. Does that make sense?