Monday, July 25, 2011

In Chelsea, Around the Yard, and In the Art Room

After our anniversary dinner on Friday - a wickedly sinful seafood linguine dish - I took some street pix and was able to do a quick sketch. It isn't much; I never know how much or how little to include. I haven't added color as the paper in my journal won't take color and I am into wc right now.

Yesterday after dinner, the hubster came in and told me there was a tree frog on the side of his workshop, so I went out with the camera. Ugh, it was overwhelmingly hot and muggy, but I stayed out to get a couple of pictures and then came back indoors and sketched a couple of things from the yard.

He was green and bumpy and was eating something black. I could only see part of the body and two legs of his meal.

And it should come as no surprise that one of the things I took a quick pic of was an Adirondack chair sitting in the side garden. I had to try to draw it again.

I found a wonderful watercolor artist through a Facebook group called Sketchbookers Society. Her name is Brenda Swenson. She has a lovely blog and I found a tutorial on negative painting with watercolors. I tried my best to follow along with it, but as usual I've overworked it and I think the background needs to be darker, but I really had fun with this one and am anxious to try again.

Today I am planning to do some art with a friend after I first pay my penance to the treadmill for an hour. I hope to have some fun to report tomorrow and mayhaps even have some art to show.



  1. great looking the frog! I can see him as a watercolor painting in your future? your flowers are delightful

  2. Very creative and chair looks excellent ~ love them all ~ thanx ^_^

    Over from Creative Everyday ~Hope you will come visit: A Creative Harbor and other blog is Share the Creative Journey~ namaste, Carol ^_^

  3. Your doing very well. I like the chair too! Keep up the great work.....Claude

  4. Love the frog, love the flowers! Watercolor is so tricky, and working wet on wet is such a mystery to me. I love the negative space work. I think it's a big success here.

  5. You've done a great job drawing the Adirondack chair. It looks good. A belated congratulations to you and your hubby on your anniversary. My hubby and I celebrated 36 years a little over a week ago.

    I honestly don't know how you manage to get so much art done. I can't seem to manage it yet. Maybe I spend too much time on the computer (HA HA) Keep up to good work.

  6. Ooooh...these sketches look really fun! =) The last one with colors is great! And yeah, it's hot and humid here as well

  7. Love the sketches Vicki - and I think the watercolour works really well. I agree that the tree frog might make a great painting.

  8. That frog is a blast! ;-) And I love the watercolor painting.

  9. Having had the advantage of seeing these in person, I can truly say that they are really, really, good! hugs, nancy