Thursday, July 7, 2011

Healthy Breakfast and a Few Quick Sketches

I generally have frozen blueberries (thawed in the microwave) with Shredded Wheat & Bran cereal with a bit of All Bran and a sliced banana on top with Light Vanilla Soy milk for breakfast, but now that fruit is in season, I've mixed it up a bit.

I usually call my breakfast - cereal with fruit. I think I may have to call this one  - fruit with cereal. It was yummy!!

Last evening I made a few quick sketches in my sketchbook. I was mostly trying to remember to use my fountain pens on a regular basis so they don't dry out. I find sketching with a pen frustrating, but think it is good for me as it doesn't allow me to get too fussy - no erasing.

The treadmill is calling my name - LOUDLY!! I have a friend coming over around 9 to bring some knobs for the oak towel racks the hubster is making for her, and three of my girl tribe are coming later this afternoon to spend the night and then go up north with us tomorrow. The newest member of the tribe will ride up with her Mom and Dad. It is sure to be a busy, fun, exhausting weekend - hopefully the weather will cooperate.

I still have seven slots open in my "Intro to Repurposed Books" workshop which is being held in Haslett on August 13. Click on the Workshops/Classes tab at the top of this page to learn more.

I hope you have a fun, productive day.



  1. Send me and Ms Patches some Breakfast it is so Yummy! We have Fresh Blueberries and I am eating some now, with fresh strawberries and my Oatmeal is on the side. And a great cup of coffee.
    Love the sketches too! Will send me along with Breakfast Please?

    Great Morning! (Just blasted White House and Congress FB)

  2. Your breakfast looks yummy and I like the ink sketches. You are making me want to try sketching with ink!

  3. I think a good idea would be to use that pen to sketch your breakfast! That looks delicious.

  4. Using a pen to sketch will make your really look and think about what you're drawing just because you can't rub it out. Your breakfast should keep you going all day, looks good!

  5. Lovely sketches Vicki, and what a healthy breakfast you have there!

  6. These sketches are really nice - way to go!! The breakfast looks delicious ... I want some! hugs, nancy