Friday, July 8, 2011

A New Repurposed Book and Flowers

It is another beautiful morning and we are hitting the road in a couple of hours. I must say sleeping in a queen bed with three little girls didn't work out very well. I started out crosswise along the foot of the bed and when they finally went to sleep I moved to the couch. We will have a king sized bed at the condo so hopefully it will work out better.

Yesterday I finished another repurposed book and I really love this one. What do you think?

I also spent a bit of time out in the yard taking pix and couldn't resist this one. I have one almost like this framed and hanging in my art room, but I am still drawn to these.

I also took a picture of a plant I don't recognize and the hubster couldn't tell me what it is either. Do you know?

I think I'd better get a move on. The girls are still sleeping and I need a shower and haven't packed yet. We are planning to leave around 10. I'll tell you all about it on Monday and hope to have lots of pix to share.



  1. I love the book! It looks like you have a great start and I can't wait to see more. Have fun on the trip.... and I'll be back to see more of your work.

  2. that plant looks so pretty, but I have no clue what it is.

  3. It looks like a chive seed head - or some other kind of Allium (onion family)

  4. I love your book but I especially love those day lilies. They're stunning! Have a great trip and a wonderful time with your little ones.

  5. I can't wait to learn to make a book like that.
    Hope you have a great weekend and come back with lots of pictures and sketches.

  6. Great sketch .... I know you had fun on your trip (the benefit of catching up), and the photo is beautiful. I don't know what the plant is, either. hugs, nancy