Monday, August 22, 2011

Gesture Sketching, More Happy Dancing and A Winner

Good morning! And what a beautiful one it is - 51º and sunny. Who could ask for a better start to their day!

Yesterday while watching baseball (the Tigers swept the Indians - YAY!!) I decided to get my sketchbook and do just a bit of gesture sketching. I find it very difficult to get anything at all when both the players and the cameras move so much. For what it is worth, here is what I have:

And while I had the sketchbook with me, I did an almost blind sketch of the book I am currently reading. I call it practically blind because I didn't have my glasses cheaters on. In the case of drawing something a bit away from me, I need to have my glasses to see what I am going to draw. But with my glasses off I can't see what my sketch is looking like. Hence, almost blind.....

I feel as though the weekend got away from me, but as I think back I realize that I was busier than I would have given myself credit for. On Saturday I went to Milan to a baby shower with sisters-in-law and nieces. It was a very nice one and I am glad I went. I packed a large container of spinach leaves and shrimp along with an apple and so was legal with my diet. On Sunday, Miss 8 and Miss 3 spent some time with me while their Mom mowed her lawn and got caught up at home. They'd been gone on a week's camping trip. I also managed to watch two baseball games and lots of tennis.

As for the happy dance - I've lost 14.5 pounds so far and 14 inches. Today is the last day of taking the drops and then I have three more very restricted calorie days. At that point I can add everything to my diet except sugars and starches. This phase lasts for 3 weeks and then I go on life time maintenance. Wish me luck!

And now - drum roll - the winner of the watercolor book giveaway is:

As you can see I didn't stay up until midnight last night - I selected this morning.

Cathy - if you will email me with your "dusty" little snail mail addy, I will get this lovely book into the mail and on its way to you. Thank you to all of you who took the time to enter.



  1. Wadda champ you are! Drawing those baseball players while they played had to be really hard, but you caught some great gestures! Go Tigers!!! hugs, nancy

    p.s. didn't you just love that last play of Avila's? lol

  2. Congratulations to Cathy! I would have entered your giveaway, Vicki, but I cannot possibly find room for more books in my house, even though this was one I don't have....sigh!
    Congratulations to you, too, on your weight loss! That is just terrific. I seem to be stuck within five pounds of my goal weight, but you've inspired me to keep going, anyway!

  3. I love that you take creativity as it comes. I think the baseball player sketches are awesome and wow. You are my role model: 14 pounds and 14 inches. I am praying similar for me in the not too distant future!

    I am grateful I found you via CED2011 today.

    Love and admiration to you!!!

  4. Wow! What great news about your diet. You have a lot of determination, girl!

  5. Vicki, your gesture sketches are really good. I'm impressed. Congratulations on your weight loss. I need to lost about 15 lbs myself, but I'm doing Weight Watchers

  6. Great gesture sketches ! I can't imagine myself even trying to do so !! And congratulations on your weight loss too !!

  7. Wonderful gesture sketches ~ Wow! thanks! (visiting from Creative Everyday ~ namaste, Carol

  8. I'm so pleased to be getting the book, thank you!
    I'm amazed how well your diet's going, do you feel better for it?

  9. Did the weight loss bring you to your goal? I can't remember what you were shooting for? I lost 60 lbs. on Weight Watchers...losing was the easy part, it's the maintenance that's hard to stick with. I've regained 20 lbs...need to get back to WW soon before this gets out of control and none of my clothes fit me...I purged my entire "fat" wardrobe, so can't afford to let these clothes go.

  10. Lovely sketches Vicki! Great job losing weight. It's hard to lose weight here. I just love food too much ^^