Monday, August 8, 2011

Recovery Monday

I've gotta say, we had a great time with the girls this past weekend, but I am happy to awaken to a quiet household this morning. I did get the opportunity for a quick photo of the hubster with the four members of the girl tribe. It was impromptu and not everyone was totally cooperative, but of the 10 quick photos I took, I think I found a keeper.

My morning routine has changed since starting the HCG diet. Now I get up, take the drops and weigh after emptying my bladder. I have decided to do my measurements on Mondays only. I am pleased to say that I've lost 6 pounds and 8 inches. I am not hungry and about the only thing I miss is my sugarless spearmint gum. If I can keep this up, I hope to be in the 150s by the end and then I plan to stay there.

I didn't get any art done while the girls were here; even the baby stayed overnight on Saturday night. A five month old is a pretty constant companion. She did sleep from around midnight until 8 in the morning, which was lovely. But I did a couple of quick sketches last evening. They aren't much, but they are keeping me going in my "sketch in ink" handmade journal.

I am planning to take part in another swap with the Water Colour Pencil Buddies for August and the color theme is orange. This made me think of pumpkins, but I don't think I am actually going to use them in the swap. I did, however, find a reference photo to try to sketch them.

And then I had to do a barn - faces and birds used to be my favorite subjects. While I still love birds and faces, I think I am on a building binge. I really want to get better at them. This one isn't at all what I wanted it to be, but I am moving on, so I will share it with you here.

And while I was thinking about barns, I thought I'd share with you the photo of the farm with the checkered silo that I used as a reference for the sketch I posted last week.

I also found a wonderful flower photo that I thought someone might like to use as a reference and thought I'd post it here as well. It was taken in the garden at The House on the Hill in Wisconsin last weekend.

And for those of you who asked - yes, the water has receded and we have reclaimed the lawn. We've gained a boatload of silt and a sand bar, though.

I also want to thank those of you who left such great ideas for the subject of my watercolor WIP. I haven't decided for sure, but I think I am going to do it as a waterscape with reflected sunset and a bit of cliff on the lower left. Right now I am too timid to work on it, but hope to add a bit to it today. I'll keep you posted.

For now, I am going to have another mug of coffee and then walk the treadmill before getting started on the day. The hubster is replacing storm windows this morning and has my workroom in a bit of an upset, but I can't complain. He is a great handyman and does very nice work.

A Reminder: My Intro to Repurposed Books class still has space in it and is happening in Haslett (just north of the Meridian Mall in East Lansing/Okemos) next Saturday, August 13, from 9 until 4. All participants will leave with a lovely blank repurposed journal and the knowledge to make more on their own. You can sign up here (check under the Workshop/Classes tab at the top of this page) or you can sign up through Small But Mighty Arts.


  1. Beautiful girl tribe! How nice to see them all together :)

    Looking forward to the class on Saturday!

  2. Wow! Great photos ~ Wonderful family and I am sure you are glad to have 'your time' back ~ Great about losing lbs and inches ~ not easy to persevere but you are doing so ~ namaste, Carol ^_^ ~ visiting from Creative Everyday ~ and blogs are (Share the Creative Journey and A Creative Harbor) ~ enjoy.

  3. What a great shot of the girl tribe with the hubster - they all look very cute! Very nice sketches - you're doing so well with the buildings! I moved the flower to my desk top and may play around with it one of these days. Thanks so much for sharing! hugs, nancy

  4. Cute Photos! Good luck with the diet.

  5. Such a beautiful family you have there Vicki. Love those sketches and pictures