Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Little Housewife and a Quick Sketch

I have been a very good housewife today. I began by cleaning the bathrooms (2), then I swept and scrubbed the kitchen and the back entrance. After I cooled off from that, I vacuumed the back bath, master bedroom and the living room including down the hallway. From there, I folded a load of laundry and made the bed with clean sheets from the dryer. I did a quick walk around the house clearing off surfaces of tables and such and putting things where they belonged. Once I was done with that, I went to my studio and sorted my old book collection by size. I should sweep and scrub my studio floor and dust the living room and master bedroom. Perhaps another day.......

Meanwhile, I have done a quick sketch of a farm at the bottom of a hill that I saw in Wisconsin. What caught my eye was the checkered silo. Here is my rendition:

Last evening my son came out for a visit bringing his two little girls and his niece, Miss 8. The two older girls had a great time doing art at the kitchen table while the rest of us (including Miss 5 months) enjoyed the Tiger game. This next weekend we have Miss 8 and her little sister, Miss 3 for the whole weekend with Miss 7 and Miss 5 months for Saturday afternoon into the late evening. It should make for a very busy weekend.

I am on the second binge day of the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) diet and will begin the VLC (very low calorie) part of the diet tomorrow. I will be following the VLC phase for 21 days and will keep you posted as to my progress. So far, I am surprised by how difficult it is for me to binge. I am trying to eat lots of fats as prescribed. 

I stopped at Meijers yesterday and purchased some beef steak and some very lean hamburger and measured it into 3.5 ounce portions in preparation. I also bought tomatoes, cucumbers and mixed salad greens for the vegetable portions, along with oranges and apples for the fruit portion. I bought Melba toast and some garlic Melba snacks for the "bread" portion. I am planning to drink lots of water and follow the diet strictly.

I am advised to keep busy while on the VLC portion of the diet, so I envision making some books and doing more watercolor playing.



  1. Well, you certainly have earned a time out to draw! Your sketch of the farm is really, really, good! Look how well you did with the perspective! I also like the way you handled the trees. Great job!! I've never heard of that diet before - I hope it gives you what you're looking for! hugs, nancy

  2. I love your farm scene, including the checkerboard silo. The trees receding into the distance give the sketch a lot of depth. Good luck with the diet. It sounds pretty complicated to me.

  3. Goodness! What time did you get up this morning?! Love your farm sketch and the checkered silo. I'm not so sure about that binge stuff, tho, but good luck and keep us posted? ~ Suzanne N.