Thursday, August 4, 2011

Watercolor WIP and Adirondack Chairs

The water has receded and the creek is almost at normal levels - at least it is within its banks. The hubster and I took a walk around the yard yesterday afternoon and I noticed several things. There is a fine slippery silt on the lawn. I found this out by accident as I almost took a spill. We have a sand bar in the yard. We have to walk around over the bridge provided by the county near the road to walk the north portion of the yard until the bridge the hubster built is repaired or replaced.

I almost forget about the three Adirondack chairs that reside across the creek in the north yard that are weathered and quite lovely as yard ornaments. I think I will have to sketch these.

After all my house cleaning yesterday, I finally started a new project in watercolor. It is on watercolor paper from a Strathmore 140# pad that is approximately 12" x 18". So far I have just the sky and the far middle ground placed. I am not sure where I am going from here. Should I make a body of water in the foreground? A field of crops? Some close up trees? Should there be a building of some kind back under the far trees? Any ideas?

Whatever I decide to do it will be a deliberate choice and I will try to make it happen without overworking it too much and I will share it with you tomorrow.

Today is the first day of the Very Low Calorie portion of my HCG diet. I am planning to have a very busy day so I am not thinking about food all day. I hope to do some recycling, work on my watercolor, and maybe make a coptic stitch book. I should also do a bit of sketching.

What do you have planned for today? Whatever it is I hope you make time for yourself and your creativity.....



  1. LOVE the Adirondack chair photograph!

    Re: the new painting - it looks like a field of grain to me...

    Have a great day!

  2. The painting looks like a sunset over the Pacific - the purple is the ocean and a cliff to the right. Very pretty! I'm looking forward to seeing where you go with it.

  3. Uh, oh. You're getting quite a variety of suggestions for your sunset painting. For me, your progress so far suggests a sunset behind a dark line of silhouetted trees!

  4. As for me, i think your Muse will speak up at just the right time! The pic of the chairs will make a wonderful little study! Sound like the 2 of you have a bit to do around the yard to recover from all the water. Hope the basement dries quickly! hugs, nancy

  5. Considering the colors I am thinking of a beautiful French landscape with fields of blooming lavender and a little farmhouse half hidden between some trees. Isn't it fun how everybody connects your colors in a different way?

    For today I am planning (after work) a beach walk and maybe trying my hand on some colored pencil sketching. We'll see...

  6. You are a very busy lady, Vicki! Love those chairs - what a fantastic sketch this will be. And the possibilities are endless for your new watercolour project. I like everyone's ideas so far, but I think I lean towards the silhouetted treeline too. Whatever you decide on, I'm sure you'll have fun.

  7. Love the chairs! You've got some good ideas here, I like the idea of lavender fields..perhaps with distant trees too :)

  8. Love those chairs! They look so sweet =) The colors on your canvas are awesome!