Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Girl Tribe Art, Ideas for my next painting, and More

Last evening, the hubster and the son went to a Tiger game. I was going to go with the hubster, but I encouraged him to ask Adam, so I could have Miss 7 and Miss 6 months for the evening AND have a wonderful seat in my living room from which to watch said ball game. And what a game it was - a nail biter that was finally decided with a walk-off homerun from the bat of Ramon Santiago - YAY!

Before the ball game, Miss 7 spent some time in my studio working on one of the backgrounds that I'd prepared. She chose to use my watercolors instead of the Neocolor IIs and here is the result:

Although Miss 6 months isn't crawling yet, she is all over the living room rolling and grabbing. I wasn't able to spend time in the art room because I didn't feel I could leave her alone for a minute. She is such a delight, though, laughing out loud and trying so hard to get to things that interest her.

I do, however, have a painting I started some time ago - Adirondacks on the beach - but decided it wasn't at all right. The sky, the lake and the beach were each about 1/3 of the height of the painting - BORING! And the quality wasn't very good, but it sure was fun and gives me more ideas for the future.

I think those were supposed to be rocks on the beach.

I suppose it could have been cropped a bit to get rid of the even areas for sky, lake and beach.

Too late now. It has either been gessoed over and used for something else or the back has been painted.

I would also like to share some pix that I think would make good drawings/paintings. Feel free to use one or more if you like the composition.

This is from the wonderful park-like property at my friend Sandy's house.

This is St. Mary's Star of the Sea church in Jackson. Love that building style.

This is a street scene in Chelsea.

I took this in Battle Creek when I was there doing a sketch crawl with Dee.

Well, it is 11:30 and all I've ingested is two cups of coffee. I am headed for the kitchen to saute onions, mushrooms and zucchini; then add some scrambled eggs; and when it is almost done, add some cut up tomatoes. Mmmmmm, gotta go!

I hope to see you tomorrow.



  1. Hi Vicki, Just joined your site and I like your art. I just finished a 3 week class (online) with Carla She has a gift with watercolor and her classes are wonderful. I also took a digital photography class with her husband in the early summer. I am a learner for sure and have picked up so many skills through these very talented people. Looking forward to following you. I do not have a blog yet but that is on my list. Thanks, Mary Ann Rankin

  2. Love the girls' art =) And I must say all the photographs are great for drawing... and they are pretty much postcards quality if you ask me

  3. As you can see, I'm playing catch-up. Love the little Miss 7 drawing, and you're right - cropping the adirondack painting improved it a lot! Sometimes I can't really see what's wrong with something I've done for quite awhile after I've "finished" it. Great photos, as always! hugs, nancy