Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Girl Tribe and More Progress on the WC WIP

My daughter had to go into work at 6 am today so I took her two girls overnight. They've been away camping and I missed them terribly, but we made up for that last evening. Miss 8 and I painted over the other two watercolor backgrounds that were left over from Miss 7 and I painting lighthouses. We used Caran d'Ache Neocolor IIs and had a blast.

Here is hers:

I love how she draws people and that she included a dog.

And here is mine:

Earlier in the day before the girls came over I worked a bit on my Annette Raff watercolor lesson of St. Mary's Church. I still need to do some shadowing to get greater value variation, but so far I'm not altogether displeased with it. If I don't make it any worse than this as I continue, I may even display it in the living room.

Instead of tracing her original picture, I drew it freehand. I think my buildings are leaning a bit.

Yesterday was the last day of the HCG drops on my diet. Now I just have three days of the 500 calories a day diet to get the last vestiges of it out of my system.  I started at 170.9 and am now at 155.4; I'd really like to be at 150, but 155 isn't a bad weight for me. I am 5'8" and am almost 60. When I was in my mid thirties 145 seemed to be an ideal weight for me, but I find that as I age I need a bit more to look healthy. I am so thrilled with this diet and am hoping that I can stay wherever I end up on Thursday. Beginning Friday I can add everything except sugars and starches. I follow that regimen for 3 weeks and then it is on to the maintenance. 

Both girls are still sleeping, so I am going to get my second cup of coffee and enjoy the quiet. It is a beautiful, cool morning with lots of sunshine. Now if only the mosquitoes would disappear the outdoors would be a wonderful place to spend the morning. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes are not only larger than normal, they are voracious.

I have some errands and running to do when I take the girls home later today, but hope to get something arty done so I have something to write about tomorrow. I've been thinking of participating in the 20 minute challenge to get myself warmed up.



  1. It is so nice that you share your art with your grandchildren. I teach art and find that I am inspired by the creativity of young artist.

    I on a diet as well. I would love for you to share your diet with me. I find that I am having difficulty losing weight. I have recently given up smoking for a more healthier lifestyle and as a trade off is that I have accepted gaining some weight. Now, I am at a point of wanting to lose the weight and have tried several things that have not been successful.. including adding exercising in my life. But it is the eating that I seem not to be able to control. What is your secret?

  2. Wow! Three artists in one family—what fun!

    Congrats on the diet work too!

  3. Love, love, love the one with the dog! All that time you've spent with the girls doing art projects is paying off.

  4. Fun fun fun! These drawings are so adorably cute. =) Love the warm colors

  5. Such a lovely way to spend time with your Girl Tribe! And yes, get that watercolour framed and on display where everyone can see it: why not?

  6. Miss 8's drawing is fantastic! Yours are pretty good too, haha.

  7. Love Miss 8's painting. She has her own style developing. Isn't it nice when they don't have inhibitions? We always want to get back to that state as we get to be adults...afraid of breaking the rules, trusting ourselves.

  8. I'd love to have the freedom of Miss 8! And, this is the first I've heard of the 20 minute challenge - I'm intrigued!! hugs, nancy