Friday, August 26, 2011

Phase 2, Sketch for Next WC, Blank Journal, and New Background for Girl Tribe

Today I officially begin Phase 2 of the HCG diet. Using the data acquired on day one and comparing it to today's data, I have lost 15.3 pounds and 12.5 inches. I feel like a new person. Today I get to add in moderation all foods except sugars and starches. I am planning scrambled eggs with onions and mushrooms for breakfast with an orange.

The grandgirls, Miss 8 and Miss 3, are coming this morning to spend the day with me so before I went to bed last night (actually it was 1:30 this morning) I made a new background. When I talked to Miss 8 around 10 last night when she asked if they could spend today with me, I asked her if she would like to paint on a watercolor background again. She said she would so I asked her what colors I should use and she asked for blues and purples. She was thinking night time. I'm afraid I got carried away pouring colors and it probably isn't at all what she had in mind, but I can't wait to see what she does with her 1/4 of it.

It is actually a bit lighter than it looks here.

After I made this background, I put away the church I've been working on and began a new sketch for my next attempt. I found a picture I liked in a 1979 book by Peter Caldwell called, "Draw Boats and Harbors". I still need to work on perspective and then erase it a bit before I add color. You can see I tried using a 3 x 3 grid and it seemed to help a bit, but the buildings are still a little wonky. I made the photo of the sketch a bit dark so you could see it.

And finally, I sewed the signatures and chose a pretty wallpaper for end papers and finished "The Motor Girls on Cedar Lake". I have to get my new books photographed properly and add them to my Faint Heart Art site and offer them for sale. I have been neglecting that part of things and have a large number of blank journals taking up far too much space in my studio.

I think I'd better go get some coffee made and make my breakfast. It is going to be a strange day indeed having a lot more freedom as to what I eat. It is a little scary actually, but I am going to try hard to avoid the pitfall that besets many on this diet (according to the literature). It seems that many people don't ingest enough calories after Phase 1 and their bodies go into starvation mode and store fat - exactly the opposite of what a dieter wants. At this point I am supposed to eat enough calories to maintain my new weight to allow my body to adapt to this new set point. Wish me luck.....



  1. Good luck Vicki!
    I also want to say that those journals fascinate me! When I was last at the flea market, I had a quick look around for books that I could use, but I'll have to ask. Most of the books are in French and are too new. I know there used to be lots of English books - much older books - because I bought a copy of my favourite book of all time - Five Smooth Stones.

  2. Good luck, Vicki!

    The buildings in your sketch remind me of the Dutch side of St. Maartan. I've never been to Holland itself. lol.

  3. i really like the watercolours - very J W Turner!

  4. Nice sketch and watercolor. Will stick around to see the progress =)

  5. Hi Vicki, I love the new sketch, look forward to seeing it in watercolour, just one thing, if you dont mind me saying so, just check your vertical lines, like the door on the first house and the side of the railings, if you make them paralell to the side of your page, or almost, I think you will find it looks better.
    You have done the boats amazingly well, when boats are at an angle like this, they are very hard to draw as they are so forshortened, well done.

  6. Thanks all,

    Phil, I see exactly what you mean. Thanks so much for pointing it out.


  7. I agree with Phil, and the boats are great! I just know the little girls will have fun with the background (well said by the person who's working backward thru your posts to catch up! lol). You'll do fine with the next phase of the diet ... that's just how you are !! hugs, nancy