Friday, August 19, 2011

Painting Fun with My Little Miss 7

And my little Miss 7 is turning 8 in just a couple of weeks. Where does the time go?

My son called yesterday morning just after the tech arrived to ask if Miss 7 could spend the day with us. I jumped at the chance as I don't get his daughter very often. We decided to have her spend the night. We had a lovely day. She played her Kidz Bop music while I walked the treadmill. I don't think I ever want to work that hard in just that way again, but it was a precious half hour.

We always have to do art when any of the girls are here. She played by herself for quite a while in the little girls room with colored pencils and stencils and then asked if we could paint together. If you remember I had a large watercolor background of yellows and oranges with just a bit of purple that I cut into four. We each decided to use one of them as a background and transform them. I chose a photo of the Round Island lighthouse from Google images because it reminds me of home (I was raised in St. Ignace) and my daughter and her family are up in the Mackinac Island area right now and I am missing them. Katie decided to use it also but from a different perspective and she added a bit more to the picture. She is quite a natural artist.

Here is hers:

I love that she added a light to the lighthouse and showed that the sun was going down. Nice sailboat, too.

And here is mine:

We both used my Caran d'Ache Neocolor II crayons. I added the color first (I maybe should have sharpened them a bit first) and then added a bit of water with a brush. She took the color off the crayon with a wet brush and applied it like paint. We both had a great time. I only have about a dozen of the Neocolor II crayons and would like to get more.

I do think I am going to make more backgrounds of a variety of colors and styles and have them on hand to use with the girl tribe. There didn't seem to be as much difficulty starting when the page already had something on it.

I don't know for sure what I am doing today other than running the little one home mid morning. I think I will do some recycling while I am in town as the empty water bottles are overflowing their tub and the cardboard is piling up as well. 

Don't forget to leave a comment on the post of August 17 if you want to be entered for a chance to win a lovely watercolor book. So far only 13 have commented so your chances are very good. I will be drawing at midnight Sunday and will not be posting again until I announce the winner on Monday morning. Good luck to all who enter!



  1. Painting with kids is so much fun. Your background looks great. I want to try those watercolor crayons.

  2. She's got talent! I loved drawing & painting as a child. My dad would want me to 'get outside and get some fresh air!' and I just kept doodling. Hope she enjoys it as much as I did. She's got a great mentor :D

  3. I love watercolor crayons! Some very lovely work created here by you and yours!!

    You asked about my bookbinding "in progress," Vicki . . . I've made two "reloaded" moleskines, and on both, I used the end papers that I left attached to the cover, sewed the signatures, and glued the first and last pages of the signatures to the endpapers. Does that make sense? Anyhow, that is my plan for this book . . . to leave the spine in place and glue the signatures to the existing end papers. It seems to work pretty well!!!

  4. Beautiful memories in the making and some art works to look back on......Perfect.

    PS: I am hoping this comment makes it as I can never seem to comment on your blog.

  5. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and yes you have my permission and my blessings for doing mail art- I feel that mailart is a way to spread good feelings around- the postal workers sure like it
    I also read some of your posts and am glad to have found it- it is delightful- I have used your idea about having already painted backgrounds speratically through my journal and it is fun to turn the page to a new background. I look forward to seeing more of your ideas and projects
    Johnina :D

  6. Beautiful artwork. Just wonderful!

  7. You have another artist in the family!

  8. Great Vicki, there's something so refreshing drawing with kids

  9. Come on ... she can't be just 7. What wonderful design and color sense she has.

  10. Lovely! Water color background and crayon work so well together. Love the candy colors of the little artist.

  11. Wow! She clearly has artistic sensibilities ... must be inherited from you! hugs, nancy