Friday, August 5, 2011

Paint My Photo, A Vulture, and A Quick Sketch

On someone's blog yesterday there was mention of a ning group called Paint My Photo. That was too intriguing to pass up, so I joined last evening. There is over 950 pages of photos - lots of flowers, some of people, lots of buildings, landscapes, seascapes.....

I chose an old building to draw (it is called Paint My Photo, but I think sketching is all right, too) and here it is. My perspective is not all it should be and I am still smudging my ink.

I haven't worked any more on my watercolor yet, but am pleased that so many of you were willing to leave comments/suggestions. My daughter's contribution to my girl tribe, Miss 3 and Miss 8, are coming around noon today and staying until late Sunday. My son's contribution, Miss 7 and Miss 5 months, are going to spend Saturday evening with us as well. I'm not sure I will have any solitary art time, but I am sure to have some group art going on.

I was out and about with the camera yesterday when the hubster pointed out the street cleaner out the front window. It was huge and was doing a very efficient job.

I also saw a mention of a free app for Mac called Sketchbook Copic Edition that I will be trying soon. I will share results when I have them. The comment was that because the tablet surface is so smooth, it is difficult to draw like you would on paper. I am thinking of putting a thin sheet of paper on the tablet before I start drawing to see if that will help. More later.....

I think I will get on the treadmill before the girls show up this morning and then enjoy this beautiful weather. As far as I know the mosquitoes are hiding out somewhere, so the girls and I just might have to spend some time hoola hooping and swinging in the side yard.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and find some time for yourself to do something arty - or that you find the time to spend with someone special to you.



  1. Thanks for the head up on that website...Paint My Photo....I joined this morning! Sounds like a great site and such a good idea!
    Thanks again


  2. Likewise thanks Vicki - I'll be checking out the photo site too. I like the old building you drew. I'm not so keen on the vulture however ...

  3. Yep, ditto ... I'll be checking it out, too. I have my internet connection back again!!! Your sketch is a good one - you just keep getting better and better at these! Have fun with your girl tribe ... see you soon! hugs, nancy