Monday, April 16, 2012

Fruit, Tea Cups and Altered Book

The hubster and I headed into town yesterday - we went to our son's house to pick up some tools (including a 5/16 drill bit he needed) and then were heading to our daughter's to put the latch on the new storm door. But just as we were leaving our son's house the rain began and soon was a solid curtain of liquid that made it difficult to see to drive. So we detoured - we went to Lowe's so I could pick up a piece of plexiglass for my work table and then went to Michael's so I could pick up some clothespins and some fake fruit for my workshop this Wednesday.

I love how the plexiglass fits my work table and swear my work area has never been so orderly. I think my muse approved also.

I am working on an altered book. That is Daniel Smith watercolor ground on the cover.

While watching the Tigers/Red Wings yesterday after we got home, I set up my plastic fruit in the living room and did a quick sketch - later I added some pastel to it. They are much messier than I expected. They are some of the art supplies I acquired at an estate sale last year.

The night before when I was cutting text and pictures out of Family Circle magazines my neighbor had given me, I found a lovely photo of half a dozen teacups arranged in a tower arrangement and decided to try my hand at sketching those as well. I then added some color to those with oil pastels acquired at the same estate sale.

So fun, but messy as well. Next time I think I will add the oil pastels with a wet brush.

And finally, last evening I transferred my Tiger Lily sketch to watercolor paper and hope to begin the watercolor process some time this afternoon.

I tried to keep the sketch lines light so I won't have to try to erase them later.

I have my exercise class at 9:30, then have to go into town to pick up a prescription from the doctor's office. Then I will stop at my daughter's for a cup of coffee and a visit. I am picking Miss P up after school to take her for a bite to eat and to help me grocery shop while her little sis, Miss M, is at ballet class. What do you know? Another busy day.....

I hope you are busy and happy and that you are getting some time to be creative - and whoever has been giving my muse shelter and feeding her, thank you. But more importantly, thank you for sending her home.



  1. Glad to hear you're getting so much (fun things) done. Wonderful sketches! Really make me want getting out my oil pastels again! :)

  2. Oooooh ~ Love your sketches ~ Vicki ~ great style and color ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

  3. My, you have been busy! I love your sketch of the 'tower of cups'.

  4. Nice drawings, love the bright colors! Oil pastels sound and look like a fun medium to use!

  5. I love the tower of teacups!!! Water works with oil pastels?

  6. I think the tiger lily is going to look great! =)

  7. Love the graphic look of the tea cups! Good for you that you're listening to that creative muse.

  8. Lovely colourful sketches Vicki (and a very neat workspace!)