Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Physical and Mental Exercise

I was awakened by loud thunder this morning and it is quieter now, but still raining. I read a bit of the ebook I borrowed from the library and then got on the treadmill. I jogged at 3mph for an hour and am so glad that I did. That is my physical exercise for the day (I may have to do a bit of cleaning later and that, too, will count).

As for my mental exercise, I brought up a photo I'd taken some time ago of a woodpecker at the bird feeder and did a quick sketch. He is a red bellied woodpecker, although the read is on top of his head and around back to the nape of his neck. I think I made his body too squat as he looks longer and thinner in the original photo, but so it goes. This is my mental exercise. I suppose my hard crossword puzzles and my reading count as well.

I believe Miss P is getting her braces on today and she and little sis, M, will be spending the night tonight. I think I will try to do some sketching this afternoon as I'm never quite sure what the girls will like to do. While Miss M is pretty predictable (she likes to play hangman on my computer - with my help, and loves to put together jigsaw puzzles - also with my help), Miss P can sometimes be a surprise. She may have a good book to read, or some game to play on her iPod touch, or she may want to play board games or do some art. Who knows? I always try to accommodate them as they are so much fun to interact and I feel that if I don't actively engage with them (not every minute, mind you), then I am just a babysitter and Lord knows, I don't want to be that.

I took a nap after taking some Ibuprofen yesterday afternoon and was awakened a couple of hours later by the hubster telling me that dinner was ready. I had a lovely baked salmon filet, along with a side salad with tomatoes, avocado and dried cherries and 1/2 a baked sweet potato. A delicious dinner indeed.

Right now I am going to go thaw a bit of blueberries and strawberries and have a bowl of cereal to get this started. I truly hope you are well and are finding time for yourself and your loved ones.



  1. Sounds like a perfect day and I admire your determination with your physical and mental exercises. I think the woodpecker is a bit longer in real life but I would know what this was without reading about it - and, yes, why are they red-bellied when it's their heads that are so bright red? We have red-bellied, downys and hairys and even a pileated that comes to our feeders so a good assortment. Makes me wonder why I don't paint birds! ha ha

  2. I love the way you did his feathers on his back. Glad you are feeling better - and having a husband who cooks has got to be great. Mine cooks for himself if I am not home; but if I am in the house, somehow it seems to be my job.

  3. You are a true inspiration to me and many others, dear friend. The thunder scared Abby so she was trembling this AM, and I had to leave her ... I felt quite bad about it. Great bird sketch. You're doing so well with them! See you in the AM. hugs, nancy

  4. Awwww.. such a cute little fat bird (i am a big fan of fat birds) :) Nicely drawn!

  5. Cute bird Vicki...I'm missing my morning swims so need the exercise, but very happy to hear cleaning counts