Friday, April 6, 2012

Watercolor Added to Sketchbook

I went to my exercise class today and feel great as a result of it. When I got back home, the hubster was on the treadmill, so he is probably going to have a great day as well. He is in the shower right now and I will be next as we have some errands to run to prepare for company on Easter.

I did take the time to add watercolor to the sketches from yesterday. I think I overworked the bird, but rather like the cabin.

I think I will try him again without the pen.

I got a phone call from my sister this morning to tell me that little sis, Margaret, is in the hospital again with pneumonia. Poor Mags - she has been a prisoner of her recliner for several years since the MS has progressed to the point where she cannot move at all and she is getting "whole body" charlie horses with no power to move her limbs to try to relieve it. It makes me so sad and makes me feel so useless, but I am sending her lots of positive energy and hope to see her soon when I make a trip to the UP.

Gotta go - hope you have a great day today.



  1. oh so pretty and delicate, lovely sketching and the touch of watercolor makes it come alive, have a wonderful easter weekend, sounds like a healthy start you have had.

  2. ahhh wish an exercise class made me feel great. After I exercise, I am done for the day ... nursing sore knees or whatever.
    I really like your bird picture. The background is great too! Doesn't look overworked to me!

  3. So sorry about your sister :( Sending her positive thoughts as well.
    Great watercolor added to your drawings! TFS!

  4. Very nice, Vicki (sp?). Thank you for posting these. Although you call them sketches they are pretty enough to be stand-alone artwork.

    Michael Emerald

  5. you've excelled with these two....well done

  6. Really like your paintings - the background on the bird is really well done. Sorry about your sister, hope some help comes to her. Vibes are being sent from here.

  7. The cabin is great! I really like watercolour and effective.

  8. I love the color you added - it makes such a great difference. I'm so sorry to hear about your sister, and hope that by now she's doing better. hugs, nancy