Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I've made a bit of progress on the tiger lily. I applied a wash of Daniel Smith (DS) Hansa Yellow Medium with a bit of Quinacridone Coral to most of the petals and a medium green to the stem.

When that was completely I added a bit of Perylene Red to most of the flower. You will see that just after this application while washing out my brush I dripped a bit of water onto the painting. For now I just blotted it with a tissue and decided to put off dealing with it until another time.

I don't know why it looks so dark in the bottom right. It is not like that in real life.

Meanwhile, I've been working on my altered book too. Here is what I've done to the cover.

This is a watercolor on top of Daniel Smith's watercolor ground.

This is the cover with some wallpaper over the back and spine.

The inside of the front of the book with wallpaper attached.

I finally settled on a title. I decided that instead of doing my own lettering I'd search the container of cut outs from Family Circle magazine and let that dictate the name.

I just finished reading "Wheat Belly" and am going to try to eat only foods that don't require a food label to tell you what they are and this book will be a reflection of that. I am really looking forward to beginning on the inside pages, but first need to cut out my niche. I plan to do that tomorrow.

Today I am going to my daughter's house by 7:30 to get Miss 9 to school and then I have a still life class with Mary Rochelle Burnham through the Jackson Civic Art Association. I will tell you all about it tomorrow and may even have something to share.

Gotta run! I'll have to read your blogs later. I am so looking forward to seeing what you are working on.



  1. I am really enjoying your pears, some of your best work. Keep growing!

  2. Your lily is gorgeous! And I love that book - it's fabulous!

  3. That's a great start on your Day Lily, and I especially like how you're book is turning out. I have a little sample jar of the Daniel Smith ground and you're inspiring me to try it out.

  4. Your lily is looking wonderful, and I love your book so far. I'm looking forward to hearing about your class! hugs, nancy

  5. In the time I've been visiting your blog, you've made so much progress! I'm enjoying watching the lily take shape.

    (Hm, it doesn't seem to want to let me sign in with my blog address (, so I'll just use my Google account.