Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fun with Neocolors, Self Portrait, Dutch (not German)

I am so impressed with the response to my faux pas about the origins of the book in which I am doing my nature sketches. The reason I couldn't get a translation from the text when choosing German to English was simply that the book isn't written in German - it is Dutch. This fact was paramount in my decision to make my next sketch "Dutchman's Breeches" or more formally "Dicentra Cucullaria". I used my Caran d'Ache Neocolor II wax crayons and while it was fun, they are rather blunt so the picture lacks a bit of clarity. But then, so do I some days.....

I was having such fun with the creaminess of the wax crayons that I decided to try a self portrait with them. It is quite messy and I think I went too fast and didn't do enough blending, but I'll share it anyway and I can't wait to try it again - hopefully with better results.

I was thinking about snacking and am trying really hard not to, so I decided to use the same reference photo of myself to try a pencil sketch. I don't think the drawing is too bad - it looks like a person, but I don't seem to have caught a likeness.

I did Zumba for the second time last night - the first time being on Monday of this week. I can't believe how much more smoothly it went this time. Wow! What a workout! I am so looking forward to the next time. When I got home around 8, the hubster was watching the baseball game and informed me that the steak that I had gotten out of the freezer was still frozen solid. I made a wonderful green salad with cherry tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, dried cherries, some exquisite prime crab meat, and topped it with just a little honey mustard dressing - nectar of the gods! I was so out of it from the exercise that I couldn't stay awake and was in bed before 10.

Today I am planning to get around and drive into town to the life drawing class. I am taking some Colourfix suede paper and trying to do my sketching with some small, round, water-soluble items that I got as surprise gifts at a colored pencil class I took with Kristy Kutch. I don't remember what they are, but they are cute as can be and I also got a plastic holder with them. Does anybody know what they are?

After my life drawing, I am going to go to the dollar store and buy some hair spray - being the queen of wash and wear all my life, I've never owned hair spray before - to use as a fixative in my pastel journal so I can go on to the next page without smooshing the two finished sketches together. Maybe while I am looking around there I will find just the right thing for the niche of my altered book so I can finally cut that dang thing and get playing in the front of it by making art and collage and just generally messing about.

Miss Z is coming this afternoon and is spending the night. I am looking forward to that. She is such a joy - busy, busy, but a lovely, loving 1 year old. For now I need to get this body in motion.



  1. Good for you for using a cheapo hairspray for a fixative instead of the wildly expensive art supply store fixative..which I suspect darkly is the same thing in a different container...the hairspray works just fine.

    Before you fix, though, have you thought of making a monotype from a pastel drawing? just press another sheet of paper over it, roll with a brayer or something like it, and lift. Doesn't hurt the original drawing, and you might find you have a nice second image! great fun to try.

  2. Vicki, do you draw right on the printed page?

    1. Yes, Lorna,

      In this case, I am sketching right on the printed page.


  3. I love these. :)

  4. The crayons are wonderful to play with, and clearly you had fun! You pencil sketch is quite good and resembles you quite a bit, I might add. Also, when my Workable Fixative is gone, I'm going to use hairspray, too! hugs, nancy