Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Watercolor Play

After exercise class yesterday morning I came home and made scrambled eggs with ham, onion, mushrooms, and spinach for the hubster and myself and it was spectacularly delicious. We probably should have had cereal instead, but we so seldom have ham in the house I couldn't help it.

I then went into my art room and sprayed my watercolors in the palette and decided to try to paint a pear, but first as a warm-up, I decided to add some color to my heron sketch.

I think he is a little too purple and his legs are a bit too orange, but I rather like him anyway.

Then I began on the pear. I know that my biggest problem with watercolor is waiting for paint to dry and this project was no different. I am getting a bit more patient, though. I began with a bit of purple on the left for the darkest area and then glazed on yellows followed by blues. At the end I added a bit of reddish orange and then spattered it through a spatter screen. For the background I used several different oranges and reds and then covered the top with scrunched up waxed paper.

While I was working on the pear, Miss P worked on a drawing of three girls and then began to add some color. She didn't have time to finish, but here is her work in progress.

I have Zoƫ and her big sister, Katie, here with me. They stayed overnight and will probably be up any time now. I am going to try to have just a bit of quiet time this morning with my coffee. I hope you are having a great day.



  1. the heron is be courageous some more and choose a background....complimentary colour :)

  2. This heron deserves a frame. Gorgeous work!

  3. Heron is wonderful and love your playful art ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

  4. I love your heron too - I often see one here in my neigbourhood - one of my favorite birds too

  5. Why not have a very purple heron....looks nice like that:)

  6. Your pear is fantastic! Worthy of a frame in my opinion! Your heron looks great too and I see a future in art for the little one!

  7. What a wonderful day! Your heron looks great - I like the color. And, having seen the background you did tomorrow, it looks even better! lol hugs, nancy

  8. Excellent Vicki, your watercolouring is coming on really well!