Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day, Family, and A Bit of Art

I didn't get much art done this weekend, but I surely did have a good time. We had a cookout here yesterday - brats, dogs and chicken on the grill; beans, rice and corn on the cob. My dear sister-in-law brought a bundt cake and cookies and my brother-in-law brought an apple pie. Oh, the hubster baked an apple pie, too. Both of my children were here with their families which made us twelve in all. The girls are so much fun. The two older ones are still using my iPad to make a story which, so far, is absolutely hilarious. I am so happy they are so creative.

One of the best things about inviting people over (even if they are family) is that the hubster and I get a good house cleaning done. Unlike the usual day to day picking up, we scour and mop and dust. It is a pain, but I love the result. I even cleaned up my art room a bit so I don't feel it is so much a fire hazard.

I have an assignment to work on - making value studies using four different shades of gray (one for each of the studies) colored pencils. I think I will have to decide on the scene today and then get the basic sketching done so I can get to work. I will share my progress as I go.

I have started another two page spread in my art journal. It is just begun and I need to do a better job of removing the paper from the image transfer before adding more color, but here is what I have so far.

I also thought I'd share with you the watercolor paper on which I put leftover paint when I am working. I get tired of wasting the paint when I clean off my brushes, that I decided to follow a tip of Jennibellie's and keep a large sheet of paper handy on which to put that lovely paint. I will then use it in other art projects.

Can you tell by the pattern of the paint that this was partly under the painting?

I've been thinking of doing an art swap with April Cole and this with a bit more color could provide a 5 x 8 background on which to begin. 

How is your weekend shaping up? Did you spend some time with family? Did you take advantage of this last long weekend before the start of school to have a road trip? Did you make time for art? Are you going to share?



  1. Great value studies and you did get some art done ~ Agree ~ when I have company ~ house gets cleans ~ that is the good thing besides sharing with friends and family ~ Happy Labor Day ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  2. Yep, house only gets a good cleaning when guests are coming .. Except bathrooms and the kitchen, of course. Glad you had such a good time and the food sounds delicious. Also, glad you are having so much fun with your art! See you Wednesday... hugs, nancy

  3. happy labor day to you,

  4. that's just simply right! Labor day, creative day! :)

  5. We had a nice dinner with the five of us--ate outside on the back porch--Not quite as much fun as you had, but close!