Sunday, November 1, 2009

AEDM- Day 1

It is November 1 already. That means that it is Day 1 of Art Every Day Month and I have made a commitment to make something creative every one of the 30 days. I am being helped by a motivational email that I will receive each morning from Leah. I was in a drawing for this daily reminder and I won!

My arm is still hurting today, but maybe not quite as badly as yesterday. I hope this means that I am on the mend. I am hoping to stay up all day today; yesterday I would get up, ice my arm, go back to bed - repeat - until after 2:00 in the afternoon. Not my favorite way to spend the day.

Last evening I spent some time on my work in progress with the partially masked figure to add to it and decide where it was going and how much more I was going to add. I still am not sure if it is done, but like it a bit better now.

I also tried sketching a couple of birds. I used a red Uni-ball Vision pen and now wish I had used pencil. They are messy, but I hope to use one of them to try this week's blind contour exercise. It will be interesting to see if the blind contour is better than these inked attempts. I made an error in the tail length in the left hand one, so added a bit, but you can see where it originally ended. And then I made the belly of the right hand one far too full so had to make an adjustment there. These will be handy to use as starting points when I am ready to draw one of these for an art project.

I can see that I need to add definition to the wings of the left hand one as well as making his tail longer and perhaps thinner and/or more tapered. I think that today I may try to draw paint one or both of these using Art Rage to see if I can make something I like. My goal is to get to the point where I can get something lovely made digitally in Art Rage and then print it out to use in a multimedia piece.

For now, I need to get in the shower and get started on my day. See you tomorrow.....


  1. Vicki,
    That is a most astounding piece of figurine I have ever seen. What's it made out of?
    Your birds feel united and full of love and peace.
    Happy November Art Every day. :)
    Enjoy your day.

  2. Best wishes for your goal this month! Looking forward to watching as you continue working on this page and paint your bird.

  3. fantastic figurine! It's emitting some sort of classical aura and makes people feel calm somehow.
    Your sketch of birds are definitely getting better each day ^^ They have more 'life' in them!

  4. Gosh....I just left you this heart-felt comment only to hit a wrong key and away it went. Just know that I think you are a wonderful example to the rest of us.
    Love and Laughter,

  5. November will be a great month for you! Art everyday! I really like the figures, very nice. Your birds are lovely just as contours, you don't always have to add details.

  6. I'm a fan now -- I love the piece with the dancers. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Yes, adding the second figure to the piece made a big difference, and I like how you made her sort of sparkly. It's coming along nicely! Your birds are really something! It's true, you're getting better and better at them! hugs, nancy

  8. WEll I think your birds are just fine!

  9. Oo, lovely artwork, Vicki! Lovin' those birds.

  10. This is so fun!! I thought at first the one was made of aluminum foil which I might try myself!!! Enjoy AEDM!!!

  11. I like the birds too ;-) And the figures are wonderful.

  12. Very lovely work! Keep at it!

  13. Love seeing your blog. There is always something of interest here. Good art.

  14. I tend to draw with pencil as I make these same kinds of errors. At least they are errors to me so I feel a need to correct them. Others are much more generous with us. At least you are practicing. I thought they were pretty good and then read how you made your errors. Still, they ended up pretty darn well.

    Hope your arm is getting better.