Wednesday, November 25, 2009

AEDM-Day 25

I want to thank all of you for your wonderful support and the sending of all that positive energy and your prayers for my sister's surgery yesterday. I feel quite sure that it was helpful.

I just got off the phone with her and she sounds wonderful; I actually  heard her ordering breakfast of shredded wheat with soy milk and strawberry yogurt. Her surgeon had already been in this morning and told her she could go home today if she wanted to, but that she didn't need to. She is ecstatic! She has a husband very much like mine. He will take such good care of her. I am sure he will do the entire Thanksgiving dinner unless she feels like helping.

I can't wait to see her and if the weather holds, I may make a trip between now and Christmas to visit and play games.

This morning while I was waiting to call my sister, I drew an eagle to share as my art for Day 25 of this month. He is not perfect, but he will do. I will try again another day when I am more settled. I think it is time for me to try to paint my birds.

I also have a small project from the Creative Lettering class I am involved in. This is part of Assignment 2. I am enjoying this class, but need to start thinking outside the box. Some of the people  in this class have wonderful ideas and their writing is already so creative. I am happy with this one:

I have to go to Sam's this morning to get softener salt (we've been out for days), bottled water (our water is much too hard to drink), wine, almonds and a few other odds and ends that we prefer to buy in bulk. Then I think we have to decide what we are making this evening and the timing of the turkey and trimmings. We are planning to try a new stuffing/dressing recipe with corn bread and sausage.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate - and the rest of you, have a great day and rest of the week.



  1. I am pleased to hear that your sisters surgery went well.

    We don't celebrate thanksgiving in Sweden, but I've spent some time in the states and always apreciated the holiday (and the turkey dinners!)

    Happy thanksgiving to you too!

  2. I am so grateful to hear your sister is doing well.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Love the lettering!

  3. So glad your sister is doing well. congratulations on keeping up with your drawing, despite the worry!

  4. Good news about your sister. Loving your AEDM bird drawings.

  5. I'm glad your sis is doing well, and your bird drawings are looking very good. I like your circle of words too. Cool! :)

  6. Hi, Vicki. Good news about your sister. Wishes for a speedy recovery. Love your drawing, including your lettering. The joy of creating is in the process--enjoy!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Hello Vicki, that's terrific news about your sister. I'm sure you will have a happier Thanksgiving now, knowing she is through that dark cloud! xo-teri

  8. Vicki! Glad your Sister is on the mend - a belated happy thanksgiving to you!

  9. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Vicki! Glad she is doing well, will continue to pray for a full recovery!

  10. Hi Vicki! Still catching up! Ha Ha! Glad to hear your sister is doing better. Thank you for sharing your sweet bird with me. Hugs, Francine