Sunday, November 15, 2009

AEDM-Day 15, Steampunk Patterns and Creative Lettering

I am up early and getting ready for the day. I am babysitting playing with my darling 2 year old grandgirl around lunch time while her Mom and big sister go to the movies with friends. The son is coming over to finish his Algebra homework and I am tutoring the Statistics student at Panera's around 3 pm. Another full day, but guaranteed to be filled with fun.

Meanwhile, there was a link in one of the messages from one of my Yahoo! groups about free steampunk brushes. I am guessing it was Tanya in The Latest Trends in Mixed Media Art, but am not sure. At any rate what a great bunch of brushes. They can be found at All Free Brush and they have a plethora of others as well as other goodies.

I scheduled the steampunk brush download for the middle of the night at which time my downloads are not limited and had a lovely surprise when I got up this morning. The steampunk brushes file was huge and included lots of brushes. Well, it will probably come as no surprise that I had to try making a pattern with one of them. I really like this look and am sure I will make more.

I've also been playing with quilt patterns and made this one. I am still playing with my little rooster, but didn't get the "hand stitches" on it yet. I was working to get all the pieces to fit together late into the night early morning hours and decided I'd better hit the sack.  Here is what I have to show for it so far:

I received my first assignment in the Creative Lettering class I am taking through my group and can't wait to get started. I will show you my progress as I go through it. Meanwhile you can head over to Nicolette's site and see the classes she has to offer.

That is all I have for today, but I am working on a tutorial on brushes and how to get change the options to get just what you want from the included brushes and then another tutorial on how to make your own brushes.

Tata for now!


  1. came over from AEDM browsing - fell in love with your rooster quilt - I can do straight line quilting - when you start gtting into angles and points - not so much. So I love to see others do it!

  2. Love that mad rooster - the expression! Looking forward to the brushes so much, I can't tell you. I have creaky old Photoshop 7, so when I can find the odd one I can use, it's very exciting. Thanks for the steampunk link on the group - it was compatible!

    What would also be REALLY useful would be an article on how to store all those brushes - you can't have hundreds stored directly in photoshop, surely? So how does one organise them? And how to print a contact sheet showing them? The icons are so tiny, I have trouble seeing them until I click the brush, then click a photo so I can how the full size image looks.

  3. Love what you are doing with your rooster! Fun!