Wednesday, November 4, 2009

AEDM-Day 4

It is still beautiful to arise before the sun these days and see the large moon riding low in the sky. I try to find a little bit of time to just enjoy the moment before starting a busy day. I am trying to add some "spiritual" activities to my days and think being "in the moment" is a good start.

I've been guilty of making more Photoshop patterns and now wish I had a better printer; I'd like to print them out to use as backgrounds in traditional art or maybe even print them out on fabric. Perhaps someday I will be able to do one or both of those things.

I also had a request for more kaleidoscopes, and really enjoyed playing with my moon picture from yesterday. Kaleidoscopes are very addicting too; almost as much as pattern making.

This is the first attempt, but I thought it lacked something in the center.

So I added the star to the center. This seemed a bit like cheating, so....

I chose a different beginning triangle. This is my favorite.

And then, since I already had Photoshop open and waiting, I played a bit with more patterns:





Okay, I'm stopping now, but there is no guarantee that I won't make more today. I am going to try to sketch something today too - by hand. I will share that with you tomorrow.

I had a question about the trees on the moon drawing from yesterday. It is a digital picture, so it is not charoal, but a digital stamp of bare trees.



  1. Wow Such an inspiration!!!And to think it is such fun also!!!

  2. These patterns are fun - you might enjoy seeing the fabric kaleidoscopes of my dear friend:

    These art quilts however are all hand pieced - if you can imagine!

  3. Your favorite is also my favorite. You never cease to amaze me, my dear. Hope your shoulder's better. hugs, nancy

  4. I would have to say-FANTASTIC! The second kali would be my favorite choice, soft colors, star in the center.

  5. I love your kaleidoscope designs. I can't wait to see what you draw by hand!

  6. I love your patterns and particularly like your curly-ribbon pattern!
    A lot of fun for the eyes!
    carmen s.

  7. i like the colors of your kaleidoscope!

  8. JHawk,

    I really like the last KALI and some of your patterns make me jealous. I still can't do it.
    Vicki, your awesome!!!!

  9. So amazing you can come up with so many patterns every day!