Monday, November 9, 2009

Word Girl, Bird Sketch and More Patterns

Today my sister, Kathy, celebrates her 62nd birthday. Happy B'day, Kath! I don't know quite how to tell you this, but I think you might now be classified as elderly. tee hee hee

The shoulder/arm are still very painful, so when the doctor's office opens I am planning to give them a call and see if I can get in today. I don't think my doctor works on Mondays, which is a drag, but I don't think I am willing to wait another day to see if I can't get some real relief for this agony.

Some time ago as an exercise in a class through one of my Yahoo! groups, I made a picture of a girl with words. I so loved my silhouette of the girl in my wood art that I decided to use her to do another.

The words are from the poem, "Be the Best of Whatever You Are", by Douglas Malloch from a book I found at a thrift shop. I really like the look of this kind of word art.

I also like the more traditional word art that you can find online sometimes or in craft shops for use in scrapbooking. They are more like this:

I also attempted another bird. I know this comes as no surprise to those of you who "know" me because I really love drawing birds.

He's not my best ever, but I like him. I need to work on the extended wing and I think his tail feathers might be better if they were longer and more tapered. But, for now, he is what he is!

I am also working on a Christmas themed post card swap with a member of a Yahoo! group, but because she may well read this blog, I am not going to show it to you yet, but I will show you the ATC backgrounds that I made by "mopping" up the palette from my Kraft sheet. I am participating in a bird on a background ATC swap through ATCs For All and thought these backgrounds were perfect for that purpose.

 And because I never seem to be able to get through a day without making patterns in Photoshop, here are a few more:




I'm off to get another mug of coffee and put something in my stomach so that I can take some Ibuprofen. Then I need a shower and I suppose I'd better give the underarm area a trim if someone is going to be looking closely at my shoulder/arm.

See you tomorrow, hopefully with an answer to why I am hurting so much for so long.



  1. My, Vicki, you've been busy despite the sore arm/shoulder. I hope you get some relief soon.

    I love the dancing girl too. Gosh that must have taken a long time to create. Now I have to go look up the poem. You piqued my interest ;-)

  2. Vicki, I'm amazed and impressed that you're able to make such wonderful art in spite of the severe pain you've been in. You are truly remarkable! hugs, nancy

  3. Love the word pic. Your bird came out quite nicely. Hope the doc can help.

    My older sisters are 63 and just-turned-62. That means I'm not far behind. My just-turned-58-year-old sister says now we might be old but we aren't ancient. That will be when we are over 80!

    Your card backgrounds turned out super.

  4. Lots of lovely art here! You know, I have heard that only people ten years older than oneself are old! Hope you will be rid of your aches and pains soon.

  5. The word girl is fabulous! Hope you are able to get relief from your pain.

  6. Hi Vicki and G'Morning to you! My you are a funny gal. Enjoyed reading what you had to say. Hope that you will be feeling better soon. I enjoyed looked at all of your Art. Thank you for sharing it with me. Hugs, Francine

  7. I love love love the word girl! She is adorable and looks so free. I hope you are restored to full health today.

  8. vicki, you are amazing.
    you are into so many cool things.
    you introduced me to every day matters, monthly sketch and now "atcs for all"
    thanks, sherrie in mich.

  9. I love your word girl, Vicki. Very cool! And your bird is looking good too! :)

  10. Wow! What can you do when you're NOT in pain???


  11. Very nice. I really like everything you posted. So creative.

  12. The girl is so cool. Just wonderful creativity.

  13. I really love your girl silhouette! It's so nice to see it hand done (it has a beautiful quality to it) when it would be so easy to do it in photoshop instead!