Friday, November 27, 2009

AEDM-Day 27 and Black Friday

I wonder how many of you wait in line for hours for great deals today. I have never gone to a store on Black Friday, no matter the deals. I have also never had anyone else pick something up for me on Black Friday. I guess this is just one more item to add to the list that marks me as "not your typical American".

My poor daughter works at Toys 'R Us and will be working a 13 hour day today. This is one of the first times that I remember that she didn't have to be there at 4:30 AM. Today she will work from 11 AM to midnight and will have to be back tomorrow. My heart goes out to all of the retail workers at this time of year. You rock!

Meanwhile, I thought I had a chiropractic appointment this morning. I was sure it was for today. But last evening just before retiring for the night, I checked the card I was given and found that it was supposed to be Wednesday morning. I feel just awful! I am not one to miss an appointment without notice. I will call when they open this morning both to apologize and to see if I can get in this morning as I was planning.

Thanksgiving was very strange for us this year. It was just the four of us in my nuclear family. The hubster, myself, my daughter and my son. The grandgirls were at their other parent's family for the holiday. I was expecting to feel the loss and not enjoy, but it was actually quite nice to just be the four of us. The conversation was light, there was a bit of teasing, and things were very smooth. The clean up was even easy. We had a lovely meal: The star of the meal - the bird with traditional stuffing, cornbread stuffing baked in a pan, three kinds of squash mashed together, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and pie. I am quite pleased with myself that except for a handful of almonds, I didn't eat between dinner (around 4 PM) and bed time. It was tempting, but I ate plenty at dinner.

I did find time for a little sketch. He really needs to be painted black with a bit of shine on his feathers, but for now he is just a sketch.

I suppose I should have drawn a turkey, but didn't think about it until just now. Maybe later today.

Gotta go, see you later!


  1. So grateful to hear you had a peaceful holiday. :-)

  2. How could you draw the turkey? He was eaten! Your crow looks great.

    I am glad you got to enjoy your nuclear family. It can be a treat. Last summer my daughter came to visit without her husband. She did bring the kids though. Our son also came and we had a great time. She didn't have to cater to her husband and we all just relaxed. After our son left we did hook up the computer camera and played Trivial Pursuit with our daughter and her husband on one team and my husband and I on the other. That was fun.

  3. I have never done the black Friday thing either. Love the little crow. What is it about crows that is so appealing?

  4. Vicki it sounds like you had a wonderful T'giving. Good for you! We'll be back in MI Sat. eve. Like the crow - will like to see it when you get it colored! hugs, nancy

  5. Sounds like such a peaceful Thanksgiving, with a family so comfortable to be with one another. Looking forward to your colored crow!

  6. I love your crow! ...and your wonderful blog. Thanx so very much for sharing your talents.
    nancyk in WI

  7. Hi Vicki! I like your little birdy. I am catching up to your blog news. I love Green Bean Cassarole and Sweet Potato's. Sounds like you had an enjoyable day at your house for Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing with me. Hugs, Francine