Monday, November 23, 2009

AEDM-Day 23, Birds and a Health Update

I am home for now. My sister has had a boatload of tests and has a team of doctors, most of whom I met yesterday. What a great team and what a wonderful facility she is in. The concensus so far is that she is in great shape and her problem is some "jaggy" blockage in her right carotid artery. Apparently smooth blockage (< 70%) is not considered to be too dangerous, but the jaggy kind seems to be more likely to have renegade platelets break away and do damage. Surgery is being seriously considered. At first it sounded like they were going to do the surgery today. So I called the hubster and told him instead of returning on Sunday afternoon I would be staying until after the surgery. Then the neurosurgeon came by to visit and said there was one more test he wanted to do to be absolutely sure that the right carotid was the only culprit. She is having some kind of stress test this morning and is now looking at having the surgery early next week. So I drove home. The hubster was playing tennis, so I didn't call to tell him. Imagine his surprise when he arrived home! I talked with my sister this morning and she is back on an IV and has been NPO since midnight in preparation for this test. She is hungry and is hoping the test is sooner rather than later. I will be going over to stay again when she has her surgery.

I tried to catch up with my email and blogs that I subscribe to last evening and then sketched a couple of birds. I'll let you decide if they resemble what I have identified them to be.

Later this morning, the hubster and I are going up to the Maple Street Mall where he has a space to rearrange it for the holidays. Then we need to make a stop for softener salt, water, almonds, and flavored coffee.

I am meeting a freshman Geometry student in Stockbridge at 2:30 and have two Algebra students coming to my house at 4:00. Another busy day.

My art room is a total mess and needs a revamp. I may spend some time today  reorganizing it. That way I can get it clean and looking new.

I am quite hoarse this morning. No other symptoms. Either I picked up a bug while visiting my sister or this is how my body is choosing to handle the stress.


  1. Hi Vicki what a lovely blog. I love that your so tweet bird.

    I hope that your sister gets well soon.

    Renee xoxo

  2. Hi Vicki - Since I've been sick, I missed your post about your sister being ill. I'm sorry to hear it and you are all in my thoughts. Take care of yourself (I know what a great care-taker of everyone else you are - just don't forget that you can use a bit of TLC, too). I think your birds are just fine. It amazes me that you never fail to post, no matter what! You are truly an inspiration to me. hugs, nancy

  3. Healing bubbles to your sister. I caught your bird fever and have done nothing but birds for 3 days!

  4. Wonderful sketches, Vicki! And if that is notebook paper, they look to be tiny drawings!

    Hope all goes well with your sister. Will keep her in our prayers!

  5. Your birds are great. They look just like the names imply!

    Hope everything goes well for your sister. Will keep her in my prayers. Hope you aren't getting sick so you can be with her.

  6. Your birds are great! I even drew a bird today. Totally out of my comfort zone, but I like it just fine. Hope your sister heals quickly.

  7. Your birds drawing collection sure is getting larger by day and this small tweety bird has a super high level of lovability in it ^^
    May your sister be well again soon and happy all the time.

  8. Vicki, you have so much going on today, your mind be with your sister all the time. Sending good vibes and energy for a quick recovery.
    Your post about your words so fit in today with mine. Like a confirmation.
    Hoping with lots of love sending your way for you and your sister!