Wednesday, November 18, 2009

AEDM-Day 18, Another Bird (Surprise!?), and Photoshop Fun

I am trying to sketch a different bird each day, and am trying to do the ones that I see in my own backyard before venturing on to more exotic species. Today I have a sketch of one of my favorites - the Grosbeak. I really need to start trying to color these after I have sketched them. Maybe when life slows down a bit (does that ever happen?) I will. For now I have a pencil sketch. I hope you like him:

I didn't get much time to myself yesterday between having the 2 year old and having two high school students over for Algebra tutoring, but I did spend some time last evening playing with Photoshop before retiring for the night. Here are the results:

I decided to play a bit more with brushes and chose the leaf brush that comes standard with Photoshop and adjusted the settings as to color and hue and used a gradient for the background. It is pretty basic as far as a picture goes, but it was fun and I thought you might like to see it.

Then I played a bit with stroking a path with a "stitching brush" to see what I could do. This may be my next tutorial. I was just going to stroke the path and show you that, but I couldn't help myself I kept playing until I got a "picture". I hope you like it.

And lastly, I played a bit with text on a path. I find that this doesn't work so well on really complicated outlines, but is great for more simple outlines. I really enjoyed this and if this is also something I should do a tutorial for, just let me know.

Well the SIL is arriving this afternoon for a several day stay, so I really must help the hubster clean the house and I am supposed to be working on a clipboard project for UHU and really should get to that today. My Algebra students are coming around dinner time, so don't know exactly when I am going to get some "art" time, but I will do my best.

I have participated in AEDM for 18 days in a row; I don't want to spoil that record now.

See you later!


  1. I really enjoy seeing your text to path experiments. The umbrella is very graphic which is what I tend to lean towards. Great job-thanks for sharing with us.

  2. I'm fasinated by what you can do with Photoshop. Great work.

  3. hI Vicki,
    Love the new things that you are doing. Well new to me. I would love a tut on the stitching. I saw the work path and have been wondering about paths. Hope you do one. Your birds are great!!!

  4. Pretty bird!!! I love the angle and how it's looking up, just so lively ^^
    Thank you so much Vicki for all your kinds words on my drawings. I really appreciate them ^^

  5. heehee! i like the writing around the umbrella!

  6. Hi Vicki! It's me, Francine. Your Bird is great. You know, I am an Artist too but for some reason, I am not drawing like I should be or even working on projects like I should. Today, I was trying to fix something on this wacky computer. Got that done! I love the tree you did with the Fall colors. I love the one with the Star. I like all of them. I just saw that you teach Algebra! Wow, that is something I am not good at. I have never been good with Math. I dont' really have an analytical brain. I have more of an Articulate brain. Anyway, Keep up the great work. Hugs, Francine

  7. Hope you have a fun visit. Hope your shoulder is feeling better and I like your bird and computer drawings.

  8. These are great. I love your tutorials. (and your birds!) I only have Photoshop Elements though. What I need you to do is learn Corel Painter X, so you can teach me that! I'm kidding, of course!

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  9. Your bird and the computer art is spectacular. I glad you are having so much productive fun with it.